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Workers Comp Hip Injury Settlement

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What If I Have Other Questions About Hip Replacement Surgery

Workers’ Compensation Settlements for Hip Injuries

First of all, let me say that some people have questions about whether they should have hip replacement surgery or not. That is a medical decision and you should consult with your doctor about it.

As a workers compensation attorney, I know a lot about workers compensation law but I am not trained to make medical decisions. Of course, if you have other questions about workers compensation, I am happy to try to answer them.

What You Should Do After A Hip Injury At Work

A hip injury can become extremely dangerous if it is not addressed right away. What might begin as a small fracture can become a large break in the hip bone or joints due to adding stress from walking, lifting, and moving around. If you think you have hurt your hip at work, then it is crucial that you take some steps to preserve your health and get your work injury or workers comp claim moving in the right direction.

After a hip injury at work, you should:

Do You Have An Award Order Covering The Work

A Workers Compensation Award Letter is one of the few ways an injured worker can obtain leverage in settlement negotiations.

There is a strong likelihood that the insurance company will deny your back injury claim initially. Or that if it accepts that you suffered a back injury at work, it will offer an agreement form that covers only a lumbar strain and not your lumbar spine.

But suppose the insurance carrier accepts that you suffered a back injury and agrees to the entry of an Award Order that covers all injured body parts. In that case, your case has more settlement value because it will be more difficult for the insurer to escape liability for wage loss and medical benefits.

You can also receive an Award Order by proving your case at a trial.

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Hip Injuries Caused By Work Accidents

Some of the most common hip injuries cited in workers compensation claims are:

  • Fractures: Even minor fractures to the hip can cause significant pain and immobility. With falls being one of the more common types of workplace accidents, hip fractures are also not uncommon.
  • Strains: Incorrect lifting techniques and overextending a leg can pull the hip and groin, resulting in painful strains that cause immobility for weeks or longer as they heal.
  • Labral tears: The ball-and-socket joint of the hip has labrum tissue in it to pad the joint. If the labrum is torn, every step can cause excruciating pain.
  • Post-traumatic arthritis: After a tear, strain, or fracture heals, the hip can continue to experience complications in the form of arthritis. With each subsequent hip injury, the risk of arthritis escalated.
  • Meralgia paresthetica: Another healing-related complication is meralgia paresthetica, which is an irritation or compression of the nerves in the hip. Scarred and damaged tissue can become misshapen or misplaced, affecting nearby nerves. Symptoms of this condition usually manifest as a constant burning sensation in the hip or thigh.

Payment For Medical Expenses

What Are Metal

Workers compensation insurance companies will only pay for reasonable and necessary medical expenses. Doctors must document the specific nature of your injury and the reason for your treatment.

Depending on the workers comp laws of your state, medical benefits may not cover chiropractic care, acupuncture, and other alternative treatments.

Insurers will also often condition a settlement upon you waiving your right to coverage for future medical care. If you waive this right, youll be responsible for future medical bills related to your injury.

Make sure you speak with a workers comp lawyer before waiving any workers comp benefits.

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Am I Entitled To Additional Medical Treatment For My Workers Compensation Leg Injury After Hip Replacement Surgery

So you have proven that the insurance carrier is responsible for the payment of hip replacement surgery. Now what?

Following the surgery your doctor will disable you from all work for a period. During this time the insurance carrier may have to pay temporary total disability benefits and cover the cost of medication and physical therapy to help you recover.

Sometimes hip replacement surgery doesnt go as planned and complications arise. Or even if you do not have surgical complications you may continue to have limited range of motion.

The insurance carrier is responsible for additional treatment, which may include:

Our Atlanta Attorneys Will Help You Get Full Workers Compensation Benefits Under Georgia Law

A serious hip injury affects just about everything. In addition to causing excruciating pain, a hip injury can make it difficult to stand, sit, and work. While its possible a workplace hip injury was the result of a sudden, traumatic impact or accident, the more common hip injury happens because of overexertion and repetitive motion from years of work-related tasks that take a gradual toll. Hip injuries not only limit a persons mobility and are uncomfortable, they can lead to months of physical therapy and even require surgery.

If youre one of the millions of Americans each year who suffer a work-related injury, you may be eligible for workers compensation benefits under Georgia law. Contact the experienced attorneys at Gerber & Holder Workers Compensation Attorneys today to learn more about your legal options.

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Together We Find The Best Solutions

The Ryan E. Murphy Law Firm is proud of the work we do and the results we achieve. Below are snapshots of some of the outcomes of our cases.

Every workers comp and injury case is unique. We cannot promise you the same results, only that we put forth the utmost effort in every case, and our clients consistently come out in excellent positions.

Thoracic Or Lumbar Spine Fracture

Workers’ Compensation Settlements for a Knee Injury

A work-related car accident, slip and fall, or assault can cause a spinal fracture. And a spinal fracture can cause bone fragments from your vertebrae to damage spinal nerves.

There are different spinal fractures: compression , burst, flexion-distraction, and fracture-dislocation.

Burst fractures are the most severe type of spinal fracture Ive represented many burst fracture victims who became paralyzed. But any lumbar fracture can cause difficulty walking, sitting, standing, or using your arms and legs.

If you suffer a spinal fracture, including a compression fracture, you may require surgery. And paralysis may result in the need for home health care or placement in an assisted living facility.

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What Happens After A Hip Injury

If you are recovering from a work-related hip injury, you may find it difficult to build your case for a workers compensation claim. Your employer is unlikely to admit any fault for your injury. It is more likely that they will blame you. You will find the workers compensation system is complex beyond reason, where even the most innocent mistake on your part can undermine your claim. In the meantime, you are unable to work and support your family. An insurance company, knowing you are in a dire financial situation, will offer you a monetary settlement that is tempting without coming close to covering your actual expenses.

Pennsylvania workers compensation attorney Anthony R. Vellner, of Vellner Law P.C., has been handling cases just like yours in Allentown, Bethlehem and the Lehigh Valley since 1991. His extensive experience gives him keen insight into how the workers compensation system operates. He will cut through the red tape and win a fair financial settlement for you and your family while you focus on your health. Contact Vellner Law P.C. today for a free case consultation.

Hip Verdicts And Settlements

How much is your case worth? Compare your case to one of the ones we have provided below to get an idea of what people in similar situations have earned. Keep in mind that the average compensation for hip injuries is much lower than the nationally listed number, as there are many instances where extreme cases skew the scale. For example, one case worth $2,000,000 can raise the average by a lot, even though its only one outlier. Dont let the average case value of a hip injury fool you. Your case is worth over $100,000 if another party contributed to an accident and caused you other injuries, such as loss of property and wages a hip fracture lawsuit could also be worth over $250,000 if you were unable to continue working after the incident. No matter what, if you are able to prove the total negligent actions of the responsible party, your case could be worth much more. Hip damage that is not serious and allows you to quickly and fully recover might not earn you more than $20,000.

Time to Settle a Hip Injury Case

Our law firm is often contacted with questions regarding the time that it takes to settle cases. Some common questions include the following:

  • How long does it take to settle a hip injury case?
  • How long does it take to settle a broken hip case?
  • How long does it take to settle a hip fracture case?

In many cases, the biggest issue is uncooperative insurance companies. However, incompetent legal teams can cause issues that are just as serious.

  • Millions Recovered

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    Does It Matter How Much I Am Disabled

    Yes, in most cases. Typically, the extent of your disability will be a factor in determining how much you are eligible to receive. The more severe your disability, the greater the benefits that will be available to you. For example, all else being equal, an employee who is determined 50% disabled will be able to recover more than an employee who is determined 25% disabled. For scheduled injuries, more-severe injuries generally have higher permanent partial disability amounts.

    Providing Diligent Legal Services To Injured Workers


    At Justice Law Office, we have guided numerous clients through the Kentucky workers compensation system. If you have suffered a hip injury at work, ourLouisville workers compensation lawyer can discuss your options and represent you. We know you are going through a stressful time.

    That is why we can work hard to handle the legal issues of your case so you can focus on healing. Hip injuries may result in a lack of mobility that prevents you from enjoying what you love to do. They may also make it difficult to accomplish daily tasks. Whatever your situation, our dedicated attorney can use effective legal strategies as you seek a favorable settlement.

    Call us today at for afree initial consultation.

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    How Does Negotiating A Workers Compensation Settlement Work

    When you bring a workers compensation case after a work injury, the insurance company might offer payment for medical bills and disability. You can choose to accept the offer, or you can seek a settlement to cover more of your damages.

    To reach a fair settlement, you will need to negotiate with the insurance company. Its best to have a workers compensation lawyer to help with this, as its very difficult to go up against workers comp insurance companies alone. You will need to work with an attorney who specializes in workers comp claims and understands what goes into them.

    Get Legal Help From A Trusted Workers Compensation Attorney

    If you have suffered a hip-related injury or have previous condition due to job-related activities, Mark will be your legal resource and help you receive all available workers compensation benefits. His team provides 1-on-1 personalized service and has protected injured workers rights in Eastern Iowa for more than 35 years. Mark represents injured workers in Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, Iowa City and surrounding Eastern Iowa counties.

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    Personal Injury Potential Settlement Values: Knee Injuries

    Knee injuries can occur with little impact and are often the result of a slip and fall or a minor motor vehicle accident. In this article, we will take a look at four knee injuries and historical examples of the personal injury settlement values victims have received: ACL Tear Dislocation of the…

    Impairment Rating For Total Hip Replacement

    What Makes A Workers Comp Case Worth A Big Settlement?

    An unbiased professional will need to complete an evaluation of your injuries during an Impairment Rating Evaluation visit . The rating assigns a percentage number to the level of impairment, ranging from 0 to 100. This is so the worker, employer, and insurer understand how serious the injury is and how much it will affect job duties. It also determines how long a person receives benefits, how much compensation they receive, and if they are able to return to work.

    A worker receives the partially disabled classification if their medical impairment rating shows they can return to work in a lower-paying, less stressful position. A worker is totally disabled if they cannot return to work at all. A medical impairment rating may be used to apply for benefits to make up for the loss of income and assist with day-to-day expenses.

    After youve reached maximum medical improvement , you and your workers compensation lawyer will request a scheduled settlement award. MMI indicates that your doctor believes your hip injury will not improve with treatment. Your doctor assigns an impairment rating based on the percentage of your permanent disability after you reach MMI.

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    Average Settlement Value For A Fractured Hip Injury

    Hip injuries are some of the most painful injuries you can sustain fractured or broken hips greatly impede your movement and make mobility difficult, while even simple actions like sitting or sleeping become irritating due to how much they hurt. This amount of suffering can be a prime factor in increasing the compensation for a broken hip.

    Hip injuries have also been correlated with an abnormally high mortality rate. Many individuals who suffer damage to their hips pass away a year after the injury, while some even die during the initial hospitalization or surgery. This is likely due to other factors that surround hip injuries, however for instance, as people age, their bones grow more brittle and hollow, which makes them more susceptible to injury. The elderly who slip and fall may suffer hip injuries, but they also may suffer head injuries at the same time or have heart problems that compound in the wake of stress and surgery. Osteoporosis may contribute to these issues. Additionally, these injuries often happen in nursing homes, slip and falls, and motor vehicle accidents, all of which are much more fatal if you are older and in less stable health. Further, the older you are, the more likely it is that you will earn more than the average settlement value for hip fracture settlements. Less time, opportunity, and ability to recover after an injury generally boosts the compensation you can earn.

    Will I Recover Normal Mobility After My Hip Replacement

    Whether or not you will recover normal mobility in your hip after a hip replacement surgery will depend on your age, past medical history and how well you recover from your surgery as well as how effective your surgery was, but the good news is you can be compensated for any loss in pre-injury mobility.

    Your hip replacement settlement amount will therefore depend heavily on your mobility after surgery.

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    $1004000 Personal Injury/motor Vehicle

    Motor vehicle accident involving client as passenger in company van with several other co-employees when struck by defendant truck. The claimant suffered low back injuries requiring multiple level fusion, laminectomy, as well as pulmonary problems due to aggravation of pre-existing scoliosis and compression on lungs.

    Labral Tear Of The Hip

    Hip Injury Compensation: Making a Claim

    The labrum is a rim of soft tissue surrounding the hip socket that adds to the stability of the hip. Common symptoms of a labral tear of the hip include: pain in the groin or front of the hip, locking, clicking or a catching sensation in the hip. Hip labral tears are generally caused by trauma , structural abnormalities, and repetitive motions .

    In 2012, the Court in Macdonald v Hazel, 2012 BCSC 2079 awarded the injured person $80,000 for injuries that included a labral tear of the hip.

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    Workers Compensation Verdicts & Settlements

    • A Depew Nurse received $200,000.00 for injuries to her neck and back which required multiple surgeries. The settlement included ongoing medical benefits.
    • A Buffalo man received $100,000.00 for injuries to his low back, which required multiple surgeries.
    • A Buffalo Janitor received $100,000.00 for injuries to her back. The injuries did not require surgery and medical benefits were continued as part of the settlement.
    • A Buffalo woman received $188,000.00 for injuries to her right shoulder, neck and both wrists. The injury resulted to surgery to her wrists.
    • A Cheektowaga man received $97,500.00 for injuries to his back and right knee medical benefits were continued as part of the settlement.
    • A Kenmore man received $307,697.00 for injuries to his left arm, and left hand. The injury did require surgery and medical benefits were continued as part of the settlement.
    • A Machias Corrections Officer received $145,000.00 for injuries to his low back. The injury required surgery and the settlement provided for continuation of medical benefits.
    • A Depew woman received $217,450.00 for injuries to her right knee, right ankle and left leg. The injuries did not require surgery.
    • A Machias Maintenance Mechanic received $146,500 for injuries to his back. The injury required surgery and medical benefits were continued a part of the settlement.
    • An Alden woman received $126,000.00 for an injury to her back which required surgery.

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