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Personal Injury Lawyers Los Angeles

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Juan J. Dominguez | Los Angeles | Personal Injury Attorney

With our legal insight and experience centered around personal injury, employment, and workers compensation, we produce customized and tactical legal solutions designed to protect our clients best interests.

All of our trial lawyers have one goal: to protect the seriously injured and every employees rights in California.

Our legal team has successfully secured tens of millions in settlements and verdicts for our clients. Trust Levin & Nalbandyan, LLP to stand up for your rights.

Steven M Sweat Steven M Sweat Personal Injury Lawyers Apc

Steven M. Sweat is the principal founding member of Steven M. Sweat, Personal Injury Lawyers, APC, an LA-based law firm that advocates for those who have been injured in auto accidents, bicycle accidents, boating accidents, commercial and residential property accidents , dog bites, explosions and fires, motorcycle crashes, railroad collisions, and truck and big rig accidents. As one of Southern Californias top-rated lawyers, Sweat has been awarded the title of Personal Injury Super Lawyer by Thomson Reuters News Service and Los Angeles Magazine and holds a flawless 10.0 Superb in the AVVO rating system.

How Much Does A Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Cost

Your charges will depend on the specifics of your case and how long your lawsuit lasts. Our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means we dont get paid unless you do.

Before they get to work on your case, your lawyer will agree with you on a certain percentage of your settlement that will go to them. After we secure your settlement, the insurance company will send us the check, your lawyer will take out the percentage that you agreed on, then send the rest on to you.

A physiotherapist works with an injured person. Seeing a therapist after an injury can be costly, but a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can help.

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A Truck Relayed Accidents

Our Big Ben Lawyers truck accident lawyers pride ourselves on having a great reputation as leading in truck-related accident litigations.

Our clients include all road users including motorists, pedestrians, passengers, and truck drivers who end up sustaining serious injuries as a result of auto accidents.

We can represent you as you seek your compensation from any at-fault party including truck companies, insurance companies, or any third party who shares liability in causing the accident in which you got injured.

Truck accident claims can be confusing and complicated. Therefore, truck accident claims need the careful and attentive hands of our experienced truck accident lawyers.

b. Car Accidents

Car accidents are the most common kind of accidents and they end up inflicting various kinds of injuries to the accident victims. The injuries involved due to car accidents end up getting treated in hospitals. The medical bills start building up.

You will then need a source of funds to pay off all those medical costs. However, the insurance claims process can be quite complicated as you may not be properly informed on your rights or how to go about making your insurance claim in order to recover your compensation for your injuries.

It is for this reason that you need to consult our car accident attorneys at Big Ben Law Firm and be properly advised before you accept any settlement offers from insurance companies.

c. Claims for compensation by workers

d. Premises Liability Claims

Work Accident & work Injury Lawyers In California

Personal Injury Attorneys Los Angeles

Have you or someone known suffered a workplace injury & looking for a work injury attorney! Are you wondering about the financial coverage of such a critical medical expense? Worry no more!! Minor or severe workplace injuries call for the expert assistance of a work injury lawyer!!The structural, functional, and constructional variations of different workplaces can cause major to minor injuries to the workers/employees. In addition, the loss of productivity and wages due to workplace accidents can leave a huge toll on the employees financial health. Go through the following mind-altering stats indicating occurrences of work injury in California.

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How Can I Increase The Chances Of Recovering Fair Compensation

If you hire a talented attorney from Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, our legal team will handle the logistics of your case so you can focus on your health, family, and other important matters. We will gather evidence, build your claim, consult with relevant experts if necessary, and handle the other tasks involved in pursuing the settlement or verdict you deserve. There are, however, some things you can do to improve the chances of securing a favorable outcome to your case. They include:

  • Visit a Doctor Immediately: Go to a hospital or clinic as soon as possible so your injuries can be officially documented. Not only can this ensure you get prompt treatment, but it can also reduce the likelihood of facing a dispute from the insurance company.
  • Obey Your Doctors Orders: You have a duty to mitigate your damages by following the instructions of your medical team and taking reasonable steps to facilitate your recovery.
  • Let Your Lawyer Handle Dialogue with the Insurer: Your statements to the insurance adjuster might be taken out of context or misrepresented to weaken your case. The best way to handle correspondence with the insurance company is not to speak to them at all but, rather, to let your Los Angeles personal injury attorney take over this dialogue.
  • Stay off Social Media: By staying off social media, you will be removing a common source of evidence used by insurance companies to dispute claims.

What Should I Do After An Accident In San Diego Ca

The immediate aftermath of an accident can heavily impact how the subsequent legal proceedings work out.

Here are a few things to do and not do after an accident:

  • Receive Medical Attention. This is important whether or not you are in physical pain. Sometimes, injuries that are not apparent at the scene of the accident show up later. Medical attention is important for your health and for documentation to use as evidence in your case.
  • Do Not Accept Blame. You should not accept blame for the accident, whether by spoken word or by writing. Accepting blame could bar you from receiving some or all of your compensation.
  • Report the Accident. This is generally required by law. Call 911 or alter the appropriate authorities that an accident has occurred.
  • Remain at the Scene. Fleeing the scene could hurt your case, even if you are not at fault at all for the accident.

Your actions after the accident can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful personal injury claim. Reach out to us for a free consultation.

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Highly Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers And Attorneys In Los Angeles

Were you injured in an accident caused by someone elses negligence in or near Los Angeles, California? If so, you have a right to hold the at-fault party responsible for the damages, such as your medical bills, lost income, and even pain and suffering and emotional trauma.

A Los Angeles personal injury attorney from Carpenter & Zuckerman can fight to get you the maximum compensation to which you are entitled! We have been based in the Los Angeles area for more than 25 years, and during that time, we have obtained more than $2 billion in settlements and verdicts for deserving injury victims.

Contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation!

Los Angeles Accident Statistics

Howard Kornberg – Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

Los Angeles is home to millions of residents. Accidents are bound to happen with such a dense population of people. Motor vehicle accidents are a major source of injuries and fatalities for Los Angeles residents.

Preliminary data shows that 289 people were killed in traffic accidents in 2021 a 21% increase from 2020. Another 1,465 were severely injured in car accidents. Additionally, 128 pedestrians and 18 bicyclists were killed in accidents in 2021.

Los Angeles also has its fair share of workplace accidents. In one recent year, 431 California succumbed to fatal work injuries. Transportation incidents were the main cause of workplace deaths in California, causing 141 total deaths.

Falls, slips, and trips were the second leading cause of fatal accidents on the job . Falls are also a cause of injury and death for older residents in L.A.

Not surprisingly, California has a high rate of boating accidents. In one recent year, there were nearly 600 accidents, ranging from collisions and flooding to grounding and capsizing. These accidents caused 50 fatalities and 266 injuries statewide. Over sixty of these accidents occurred in Los Angeles county.

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Hire A Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

For the last 35 years, the personal injury attorneys at The Reeves Law Group have been serving Los Angeles, CA residents who have been injury victims. Since day one, our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys have been committed to protecting our injured clients, who have been hurt by the carelessness of others. The expertise and care that we give each injury claim have garnered attention from local and national legal organizations.

If you have been hurt in an accident and are looking for an accident lawyer in Los Angeles, contact our law offices today for a free consultation. We will review your case for free and there are no fees until we win you financial compensation.

Call or contact us for a free consultation regarding your personal injury matters. We make home and hospital visits!

Why Should I Hire A Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

After an accident or injury, you may think that you can handle your claim independently. However, there are many reasons to consult an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

  • Level the playing field: Insurance companies are well-versed in handling claims and frequently use tactics to undervalue your damages. Having an experienced attorney on your side will put you on equal footing with companies that try to take advantage of you.
  • Benefit from our access to leading experts: Cases are complicated and require the assistance of outside specialists to get the whole picture. Well enlist accident reconstructionists, medical experts, financial experts, and others to build a strong case to get you optimal results.
  • Other parties will blame you: If youre injured in an accident, other people legally liable wont always willingly take responsibility. They may even try to blame you to limit their liability. Well fight against accusations of unfair blame to ensure you maximize your outcome.
  • You need time to rest: After an accident, youre likely dealing with painful, debilitating injuries. Let us take on your legal fight from start to finish while you focus on your recovery.

Contact our law firm for a free consultation to see how we can help you.

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

Nothing upfront. Most personal injury attorneys utilize contingency fees. Under this arrangement, you do not pay for an attorneys services unless they recover compensation.

The attorneys payment will be a percentage of the clients settlement or verdict, typically between 33% and 40%. The percentage will depend on your case, the attorneys skill and experience, and the area you live.

A contingency fee minimizes the risk and costs of legal services for accident victims. These victims are usually struggling with many financial burdens, including medical expenses, lost income, and more.

Contingency fees ensure that injured clients can obtain legal representation when they might not be able to afford it otherwise.

Moreover, most lawyers offer free consultations to prospective clients. Therefore, it costs almost nothing to hire a lawyer upfront.

Main Reason You Should Hire Our Personal Injury Attorneys

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers

We are a team of highly professional and knowledgeable personal injury lawyers with over 25 years of combined experience. We pride ourselves on the ability to build personal connections with each client. We don’t assign your case to a case manager or paralegal. Instead, we provide you with an attorney who closely monitors your case.

Hiring a lawyer at our law firm to handle your injury case is an important decision. From that moment on, we are your mouthpiece, your advocate before the profit-driven insurance companies whose sole goal is to settle your case quickly and cheaply. We will listen to you and investigate the case and learn the facts. These cases are very fact-specific, so we have an on-site private investigator available to perform immediate site inspections, take pictures, and interview witnesses before the dangerous condition is repaired and witnesses’ memories fade.

We will closely monitor your case during the entire process and be intimately familiar with the facts. We do not assign your case to a paralegal case manager. Instead, OUR PROMISE TO YOU is to have an actual personal injury lawyer available every day to answer questions about your case.

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Why Should I Hire A Los Angeles Accident Attorney

Hiring the right attorney provides a much better chance of winning a personal injury case in Los Angeles. Bisnar Chase has a team of nine highly qualified trial attorneys who excel in negotiation and courtroom representation. Our firm has represented over 12,000 clients with a 99% success rate, winning over $750 million since 1978.

How Much Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Charge

At Rose, Klein & Marias LLP, your Los Angeles injury lawyer will not cost you anything unless we are successful in obtaining you a financial award. Our law firm operates on a contingency fee basis for all personal injury claims in Los Angeles. We only charge our clients for our services if we win their claims, and only then out of the award won. You will pay your attorney directly out of your settlement or judgment award rather than out of your pocket. The amount charged will be a pre-agreed upon percentage based on a contract with your attorney. Using contingency fee agreements helps us keep high-quality legal representation affordable for our clients.

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How Can The Los Angeles County Bar Association Help

The Los Angeles County Bar Association is a professional organization that works with lawyers who have passed the state bar and work in Los Angeles County. Use the website to get a referral to a local attorney who can help you with your case. The Los Angeles County Bar Association is a good place to start, but youll still want to go through your criteria list to make sure you find the person who can best help you.

What Is A Personal Injury Attorney

Injured in an Accident? Los Angeles Personal Injury Law Firm

A personal injury attorney has a clear and deep understanding of the California accident liability and how these comprehensive laws apply to the cases of the clients they represent. We are considered the best personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles because we specialize in successfully representing victims throughout Southern California who were injured in serious, painful and debilitating accidents. We have recovered hundreds of millions through verdicts and settlements for the thousands of victims we represented in personal injury cases in our many years practicing California law.

Certain types of damage can immediately and significantly decrease the quality of your life and you deserve payment for that lost value from the insurers of any people or entities who caused your injury.

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What Is A Typical Personal Injury Settlement

Just as there is no typical accident, there is no typical personal injury settlement. The settlement you receive will depend on the specifics of your situation. In general, settlements for severe injuries with lasting consequences are much larger than settlements for more minor injuries that heal relatively quickly. Settlement amounts are also affected by the amount of money or insurance coverage the party responsible for your injury has.

Highly Rated Brain Neurologists In La

  • Neurological Institute of Los Angeles 6363 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 516, Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • Cedars-Sinai Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 8631 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • St Mary Neurology Clinic 6200 Wilshire Boulevard # 1708, Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • Regina Berkovich MD, PhD Inc. MS Neurology 8727 Beverly Boulevard B, West Hollywood, CA 90048
  • Dr. Charles E. Niesen, MD 250 N Robertson Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
  • Neurologist BrainDoc LA 10966 W Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064

*Disclaimer we do not endorse these companies or profit from having them listed on our website.

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Do I Need To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

When you have been hurt by someones careless actions, an personal injury attorney can help you win compensation from the responsible party. However, not all lawyers are equally qualified to take on your personal injury case. It is important to choose an experienced attorney who has years of experience handling personal injury cases. A great personal injury lawyer has the experience, resources, and a desire to help.

As the largest city in Southern California, with so many people crossing paths daily, accidents happen regularly in Los Angeles and have the potential to do incredible harm. The Greater Los Angeles area is comprised of nearly 34,000 square miles with a population of 19 million people. As a hub of Southern Californias economy with so many people spread over such a large area, peoples careless decisions have consequences on those around them.

  • In 2013, the California Department of Public Health reported 67,534 accidental injuries that hospitalized people in Los Angeles.
  • Los Angeles had over two and a half times the number of accidents as San Diego, the California city with the second-highest number of hospitalized injuries. San Diego had 25,436 accident injuries in 2013.

Common consequences of personal injuries include:

Filing A Personal Injury Claim In La County

Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me

At Ayala, Morgan & Buzzard, we represent victims of negligence in and around Los Angeles County. Our team offers compassionate and personalized legal representation to those injured in motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, and other serious injury-causing events. We recognize the challenges you are facing, from getting proper medical care to having your vehicle or property repaired to healing and moving forward with your life. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are ready to stand up for your rights and advocate for your maximum recovery.

Learn how we can go up against the insurance company and seek the full, fair recovery you are owed call orcontact us online for a free consultation.

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