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Personal Injury Lawyer Lincoln Ne

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Rehm, Bennett, Moore, Rehm & Ockander P.C., L.L.O., has been serving people throughout Nebraska in personal injury matters for more than 40 years. From our offices in Omaha and Lincoln, we are committed to helping our clients get the compensation they deserve for the death of a loved one or injuries suffered in a negligent accident, from a defective product or from another negligent act.

Our entire legal team is dedicated to providing fast, effective and personalized legal solutions for all our clients. We have significant experience in helping individuals who have been injured from negligent acts.

About Your First Visit

At our firm, your first consultation is on us. At this meeting, you will meet directly with our attorneys and support staff to discuss your case and how we handle other injury claims such as yours. Once we have a firm understanding of your case, we will inform you of all your legal options and the timelines that may be involved in your case. Then, you can make an informed decision about your situation that works best for you and your family.

With two convenient office locations in Omaha and Lincoln, and also serving clients in Council Bluffs, Iowa, we are happy to make our first consultation in our office. Because our lawyers are committed to serving clients, we are also available to come to you for our first meeting. We encourage our meeting to be in an adaptive environment of your choice, which means we can come to your home, the hospital, or another location of your choice.

How Much Time Do I Have To File Suit

Potential plaintiffs do not have an unlimited amount of time to file a personal injury claim. According to Nebraska Revised Statutes §25-207, you must file suit within four years of the date that your injury occurred. Failure to comply with this filing deadline could leave you unable to recover any compensation whatsoever.

This is why it is important to contact a Lincoln personal injury law firm like Berry Law Firm as soon as possible to leverage our legal experience to resolve your personal injury claim as soon as possible.

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Contact Morgan & Morgans Lincoln Office

At Morgan & Morgan, we fight For The People, Not The Powerful. We have an army of over 700 attorneys and 3,000 support staff nationwide collaborating to get the best results for our clients.

Find out if you have a case for compensation by scheduling a free, no-obligation evaluation.

Disclaimer: Cases may be referred to and handled by another law firm as referral counsel.

Trusted Legal Counsel In Workers Compensationand Personal Injury Law

Stephanie Flynn  Stephanie Flynn Law Office, P.C., L.L.O.

Ensuring you receive the benefits to which you are entitled under Nebraska law for workers compensation claims can be a difficult and complex process. Loudon Law attorneys operate with respect and compassion, and can help you get the benefits you deserve after an injury on the job.

If you have suffered a traffic-related injury and believe the other party is at fault, you may be entitled to recover damages. These events and their aftermath are often traumatic and stressful. We can help.

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Let Our Experienced Nebraska Personal Injury Lawyers Help You

Even if youre not sure you even need a lawyer following an accident injury, its worth your time to meet with us in a free consultation. Our Nebraska personal injury lawyers will evaluate your claim and let you know if we can help and if so, what we will do to increase the value of your claim. If you were seriously injured because of another persons negligence, contact our team at Steffens Law Offices as soon as possible. We are here to help you.

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Lincoln Ne Personal Injury Lawyers

Lincoln Personal injury attorneys can be of great assistance to accident victims, or their loved ones who may need guidance to recover resultant damages. Legal counsel can work with insurance claims adjusters, or initiate formal legal action after an accident results in personal injury, property damage and/or the loss of life. State laws provide for payment, or indemnity when an injured party is not at fault, referred to as damages. Accident lawyers are familiar with an insurance companys desire to close out claims quickly. It is important to consult with a lawyer shortly after an accident results in property damage, bodily injury, or death, before an insurance company attempts to offer a limited settlement amount. Lincoln Nebraska personal injury attorneys have valuable resources to support a case by:

  • Sending investigators to the accident scene
  • Reviewing police reports, witness testimony and medical records
  • Hiring appropriate financial personnel to make valuations of loss
  • Researching supporting case law
  • Supporting victims rights against aggressive insurance companies
  • Drafting and filing complicated insurance and legal documents

When accident victims are left with expensive property damage replacement, or catastrophic physical injury and future economic losses, they may require the assistance from personal injury lawyers toward the recovery of a comprehensive financial award.

Lincoln damage recovery.

Lincoln punitive damages.

Lincoln motor vehicle accident.

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Lincoln Personal Injury Lawyers

What Damages Should Someone Try To Obtain

Motorcycle accident attorney, motorcycle accident, | Personal Injury Lawyers | Omaha | Lincoln NE,

Accident victims may recover damages if their injuries were the result of another persons negligence. Though every case is different, people frequently seek compensation for damages including:

  • Loss of earning potential
  • Punitive damages

Since each case is unique, it is difficult to determine what an individual may be able to recover.

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The Basics Of Personal Injury Law

In civil law, a personal injury claim is a legal claim to monetary compensation to make a victim whole again after a negligent party causes an accident or injury. Negligence is a key term in personal injury law. It means to act with a level of carelessness that a reasonable person would not, causing harm to others.

Negligence involves four main elements:

  • The defendant owed a legal duty of care. A legal duty of care is an obligation to act reasonably, prudently, and in accordance with acceptable standards.
  • The defendant breached a duty of care. A breach of duty can refer to any action or omission that causes the defendant not to fulfill his or her duty of care.
  • The defendants action injured the plaintiff. The defendants breach of duty must be the proximate cause of the accident or injury in question.
  • The plaintiff has compensable damages. Furthermore, the plaintiff must have suffered losses in the accident, such as medical bills or pain and suffering.
  • Not every accident or injury in Lincoln will lead to a personal injury claim. If you are curious whether the circumstances of your accident give you grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim, consult with an attorney.

    What Should You Look For In A Personal Injury Lawyer

    A personal injury lawyer will advocate for your legal rights if youve been hurt in an accident at work or in daily life, have suffered from medical malpractice, or are struggling to have your insurance carrier cover your needs. It may be helpful to talk with two or three lawyers before selecting one. When looking for a personal injury lawyer, research their reviews and make sure former clients have had good experiences with them. Next, make sure the personal injury lawyer has experience and proven success winning cases similar to yours. Confirm that the lawyer is licensed to provide services in your state. When you find a qualified personal injury lawyer with whom you want to work, freely discuss payment and fees before any work begins. Most lawyers offer a free consultation to learn what your case is about and explain their rates. Personal injury attorneys typically receive a percentage of your settlement , so they are paid after the trial or case is complete. Keep in mind that some attorneys have fees that you must pay even if you dont win your trial. Its important to understand these details before work begins so you dont have any unhappy surprises later. Lastly, its wise to choose a personal injury lawyer that you have confidence in and with whom you can communicate openly and honestly.

    You never pay to use Thumbtack: Get cost estimates, contact pros, and even book the joball for no cost.

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    What Does Compensation Cover

    Every person who suffers an injury due to another partys negligence has the legal right to file a compensation claim. This means that the negligent party should provide compensation that would put the plaintiff in the financial position they would have been in had your accident never occurred.

    The goal of a claim is to cover all an injured partys losses. In many instances, these extend beyond physical injuries to include compensation for emotional trauma and financial losses. If an incident leaves you in intense pain or a situation where you now have PTSD, a defendant may also have to provide compensation to cover that lost quality of life.

    Similarly, if an injury forces you to miss time at work to seek medical care or recover from your injury, a defendant must provide reimbursement for all lost wages.

    What Does Our Lincoln Personal Injury Attorney Charge


    Many people think they simply cannot afford a personal injury attorney in Lincoln. They are out of work already and paying for medical bills that are astronomical. In reality, if you have a severe, life altering injury, you need to hire an attorney quickly and most injury specialists will wait until your case is completed before taking payment.

    At Steffens Law Office, if we cant get you the compensation that you deserve, you wont have to pay us a cent. And we will never get more compensation than you do. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that when we settle your claim, and you get paid, then and only then, will a percentage of that settlement come to us. This means you dont pay anything up front or even during the process. Another added benefit is that we will negotiate with the insurance companies and get your medical bills reduced, so that you pay them less, and make more, in the end.

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    Are There Limits On Financial Compensation In An Injury Case

    While there is sometimes a limit on the financial compensation a Lincoln plaintiff can recover in their personal injury cases, there is one important exception to keep in mind.

    Claimants pursuing compensation for damages related to medical malpractice face limits on their recovery depending on when their injury or illness occurred. Berry Law Firms experienced lawyerscan advise you on how this limitation could impact your personal injury compensation.

    Well Qualified To Serve All Your Legal Needs

    Regardless of the type of case, our lawyers understand that legal matters can be daunting. While legal issues become even more complex for businesses, we have the resources and experience to service organizations of all sizes. Johnson Flodman Guenzel & Widger can help solve your problems, offering you detailed, experienced guidance so you can make the best possible decisions.

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    Need Help With A Personal Injury Matter

    • You’ve come to the right place. If you or a loved one has suffered an accident or injury, a personal injury lawyer can help.

      Personal injury lawyers handle cases involving physical injuries — like neck injuries, back injuries, and catastrophic injuries — and nonphysical injuries — like emotional distress.

      Use FindLaw to hire a local personal injury lawyer near you to resolve issues like monetary compensation for medical expenses or wrongful death.

    We Focus On Serious Injury

    Berry Law | We Are In It To Win | Nebraska Personal Injury Lawyers

    If you required emergency medical care, surgery, follow-up therapy, or other high-level care following your accident, it will be well worth it to hire a lawyer who understands serious injuries. Our Nebraska personal injury lawyers have helped personal injury victims get the compensation they needed when they have suffered a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage and paralysis, severe internal injuries, compound fractures and amputations, and much more. We develop relationships with these clients and check in with them after every doctor appointment. As we fight to get you the compensation you need and deserve, we also help you on your medical journey.

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    What Our Clients Say

    Sam O.

    Dorothy W.

    The lawyers and support staff at Atwood Law Firm showed me sincere interest and caring on a very personal level, and I knew at all times my interests were front and center in all aspects of my workers compensation case. This office is staffed by a great group of people. You can relax and be assured that your welfare comes first and foremost in their decisions and actions with respect to your legal case. You are kept aware of the process and progress in your case at all times, and your input is welcomed. I highly recommend the Atwood Law Firm to anyone needing legal assistance.



    He didnt treat me like I was one of 100 clients. He treated me like I was his only client. He acted professionally but with empathy, dignity and friendliness. It didnt matter if it was something small or large, he was always there for me, be it by phone, fax, email, cellphone or meeting me personally at his office or elsewhere. He never rushed me when I didnt understand something, hed take as much time as needed to explain things to me, especially when it came time for my deposition and in preparation for trial. He was there for me when I truly needed his help





    Can I Afford A Lawyer

    The thought of paying hefty hourly fees for legal representation while juggling medical expenses may seem overwhelming. But you dont have to worry about that our attorneys work on a contingency. That means it costs nothing to hire us, and our payment is contingent on us achieving a favorable settlement or jury verdict. There are no out-of-pocket costs, and theres no risk to you.

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    If Youre Too Hurt To Travel Our Nebraska Personal Injury Lawyers Will Come To You

    When someone suffers an injury in an accident that was not their fault, they often struggle to get the help they need. Insurance companies, medical billing clerkseven police officers and doctorsare not nearly as helpful as you might expect them to be. If you find yourself in this situation after a vehicle crash, dog bite, or workplace accident, you need someone in your corner. The Nebraska personal injury lawyers at Steffens Law Offices will take over communication with all of these unhelpful people so that you can focus on getting your life back to what it was before the accident. The best part is that you wont have to pay any fees upfront.

    Lincoln Personal Injury Lawyer

    Holly T. Morris

    If you have experienced a serious injury due to someone elses negligent act, you may be understandably frightened and confused. In addition to your pain and suffering, you may need expensive medical treatment to address your injuries. The prospect of demanding fair compensation for your losses in these difficult times may seem overwhelming without the help of a Lincoln personal injury lawyer.

    However, if you wait to demand a fair settlement, you might put your valid claim at risk. The negligent party and their insurance company may be working to gather evidence to minimize what they owe you. To fight back, you need to seek legal counsel to better understand your rights. Our law firm wants to help accident victims like you collect the evidence needed to pursue an effective personal injury claim and get maximum compensation.

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    Lincoln Personal Injury Lawyer: The Definitive Guide To Everything You Need To Know

    If you have been hurt in an accident, you are dealing not only with physical pain and the emotional trauma of your experience, but also the stress of figuring out what to do next. A skilled Lincoln personal injury lawyer can help relieve some of that stress. After all, trying to go about your daily life after being injured can be challenging enough, but paying medical bills, or even regular household bills after missing time at work can be overwhelming.

    The whole situation feels unfair. You were just going about your business when someone elses negligence caused you harm. You shouldnt have to pay all these bills or deal with this pain. The person who hurt you should be responsible for making things right. Unfortunately, they arent likely to do that out of the goodness of their heart, and their insurance company will do everything they can to avoid paying you. You need help you need a personal injury lawyer with the right experience to make sure the responsible party is held accountable.

    What Is The Lawsuit Process

    No two cases are identical, but they tend to unfold in a series of steps as outlined below:

  • Your attorney will file a complaint alleging wrongdoing by the defendant and proposed corrective action
  • Lawyers on each side will exchange in discovery, a process in which facts and information are exchanged
  • The two sides can agree to a settlement before trial
  • If a settlement cant be reached, our lawyers will present your case before a judge
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