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Personal Injury Lawyer Kansas City

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Chicago Injury Lawyer Langdonemisoncom

More than just legal advice: local injury lawyers find common ground with charity work

Accidents are the most severe incident that someone faces in life and they can damage the lives of many people. Many law firms work to avoid accident cases and work to get justice for people who suffered the most in a car accident. Chicago is the largest city in the United States of America and this city has a huge population. Chicago injury lawyer will discuss with details.

Chicago stands among the cities where many accident cases are recorded on a daily basis. Chicago injury lawyer is a website developed by a Chicago law firm. Chicago law firm is one of the best and leading firms that work to provide justice for many people and work for many people who suffered from a car accident.

If you are a citizen of Chicago city and you are suffering from an accident then you can get the services of the Chicago injury lawyer This website provides the best and most experienced lawyers who represent you in court.

Put Our Experience On Your Side

Attorneys Leland Dempsey and Robert Kingsland have achieved results that have set both national and state records. In 2007, Leland Dempsey secured an award of $43,000,000 for an injured child who was rendered a quadriplegic after receiving a measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination. This award is commonly recognized as the largest vaccination award in U.S. history. Also in 2007, Robert Kingsland obtained a $5,000,000 settlement in a case involving a death caused when the driver of an over-the-road truck collided with a disabled motor vehicle on a Kansas City highway.

We invite you to review theverdicts and settlements of the many cases that we have resolved over the years. These cases reflect our commitment to excellence that has not gone unnoticed within the legal community. The quality of our legal work has earned us national recognition. Whether you have been injured in a car accident or suffered brain injuries as a result of a physician error, you will note that we have the experience, the resources, and the staffing to provide you with the comprehensive representation you need. Our Kansas City injury attorneys look forward to representing you in your case.

Why Weâre The Right Choice

  • 100+ Years of Combined Experience
  • Proven Record of Success
  • No Fees Unless We Win

Meet Your Team

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  • Leland F. Dempsey

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Understand Your Legal Options After An Accident

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At Langdon & Emison, our personal injury experience, passion for justice, and history of handling small and large cases go a long way in how we fight for clients.

We promise to provide every injury victim with compassion, personalized legal counseling, and a firm dedication to seeking maximum recovery.

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What Is A Personal Injury Case

Chicago personal injury law firm Langdon & Emison has been able to help clients at my Chicago personal injury law firm for over 30 years. We are proud to have gained nationally recognized and consistently maintained our position as a client-driven law firm. Our United States is the largest city, it comes in third place, Chicago is home to more than 2.6 million people and lives in it. What is a personal injury case? A personal injury case is a legal claim for wrongful harm caused to a person by another person or entity. Personal injury is a broad term that includes injuries that are physical and emotional, including death or physical and emotional injuries to a person or his or her property.

We Are Top Product Defects Lawyers

Jason Moore

Nearly every case Langdon & Emison handles involves a serious injury or death caused by a defective product that was not designed or made properly. The people we help often face months, even years of recovery from painful surgeries costly medical bills lost income and the sorrow of losing a loved one because a company put an unsafe product on the market and chose profits before human safety.

A Top Law Firm in Product Defect Litigation

A Defective Fan Case We Will Never Forget

Serious Injuries from Everyday Products

Dolly Wheel Hub Explosion: A Real Case

What is a Product Defect Case?

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer

Our personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that if we dont win your case, you dont pay a dime in legal fees. We only get paid if your case has reached a successful conclusion, either through settlement or a trial.

When you work with us on a contingency fee basis, you can breathe easier knowing you can focus on recovery and healing rather than worrying about how youll afford your legal fees.

What Is The Personal Injury Statute Of Limitations In Missouri

Its never too soon to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer. If you or a loved one have sustained an injury in the Lafayette County area due to another partys negligence, contact Langdon & Emison. Under Missouri Code §516.120, the statute of limitations for most personal injury claims is five years.

However, we advise our clients to contact us quickly after an accident so we can file the claim on their behalf as soon as possible. If you fail to file your lawsuit outside of the five years, its unlikely that the court will hear your case at all and you will lose your chance to recover damages needed to cover your injury-related losses.

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Schedule Your Free Case Evaluation Today

If you have suffered injuries at the hands of anothers negligence, you may have the right to recover compensation for your damages. We are ready to help you get started on the road to recovery.

Contact us today to schedule your risk-free case evaluation. Well learn more about you and your case, assess the impact of your injuries, and outline your options to seek justice. Call us at 470-1211 to schedule your free consultation.

Contact Langdon & Emison Today

More than just legal advice: local injury lawyers find common ground with charity work

Our team of Kansas City truck accident lawyers is ready to move forward with your case. Contact our team today to schedule your risk-free, no-obligation case evaluation. We can learn more about your case, answer any questions you may have, and outline your options as you consider your next steps.

Remember, we work on a contingency fee basis. You dont pay a dime unless we win your case on your behalf. Let us use our considerable experience, time, resources, and insight to fight for fair compensation on your behalf.

Call 793-8867 to schedule your case evaluation or contact us online.

Could I Have An Auto Product Defect Case

We dont always know if an auto defect caused an accident or caused someones injuries to be worse than what they should have been but we will evaluate every case for a potential defect at no cost or obligation to you. A few examples of when an auto product defect could be in play:

What Is A Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer handles a wide range of legal issues that arise from accidents, injuries, and other causes. In personal injury cases, the lawyer will be representing the plaintiff, or the person who is injured, against the defendant, or the person responsible for the accident, injury, or wrongful death. In order to be successful, personal injury lawyers must have a thorough understanding of how courts and judges work, the law, and how to effectively argue their cases in court.

When Should I Hire A Car Accident Lawyer

The sooner you hire a car accident lawyer, the sooner you will be able to fight for the compensation you need to recover. The car accident lawyers at Langdon & Emison have the experience, determination, and skill level needed to represent you.

Its also crucial to hire a lawyer as soon as possible because there is the possibility that your case will need to go to trial. This is often the result if insurance companies are not willing to negotiate in good faith. You need a lawyer who has the skills needed to fight for justice on your behalf out of and in the courtroom if necessary.

Types Of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Personal Injury Lawyer Kansas City

The brain is the most complex organ in the body. When it is injured, its hard to predict how it will behave or heal. One person may recover in a week, while another could suffer long-term chronic pain as the result of a bump on the head.

The most common type of brain injury is a concussion. This is a contusion on the brain, usually due to a bump to the head. Other types of brain injuries can be more severe. These injuries can range from chronic dizziness to paralysis to brain death.

Traumatic brain injuries are sometimes difficult to diagnose. Many victims wait days or weeks before seeking medical treatment, at which point the damage the injury has caused may be irreversible.

It is vital to always seek medical attention immediately after an accident, even if you dont think youre hurt.

Some traumatic brain injuries are visible externally. These are skull fractures, where the bone of the skull has broken, revealing the brain. These require immediate medical attention.

How We Can Help

The skilled Kansas City trial lawyers at Edelman & Thompson focus their areas of legal practice on representing victims of serious injury whether from car accident, motorcycle accident, semi-truck accident, work injury, slip and fall, defective product or other cases of negligence. We understand the stress and frustration that injury victims face as they struggle to get the medical care they need and make ends meet while suffering an unexpected loss of income.

Our compassionate team does everything possible to takethe burden off our clients.

Langdon & Emisons Promise To You

  • We will fight relentlessly for you, no matter the type or severity of your injury.
  • We will pursue the maximum amount of compensation to give you the best chance of recovery.
  • We will thoroughly investigate all aspects of your case and obtain the necessary evidence for an unbeatable legal strategy.
  • Your injury may change your life, but we will be there for you.

Dedicated Personal Injury Lawyers Are Ready To Help

If you have been injured in the North Kansas City areawhether by a car crash, defective product, or another type of accidentLangdon & Emison is ready and waiting for your call.

Our personal injury lawyers will:

  • Seek a comprehensive understanding of your injury, what caused it, and its impact on you and your loved ones lives.
  • Work with you on your schedule.
  • Outline your options and help you weigh the pros and cons of each potential solution.
  • Handle your case with compassion and empathy.
  • Conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of your accident and gather the necessary pieces of evidence to build your case.
  • Negotiate on your behalf to reach a settlement that fully compensates you for your losses.
  • Take your case to trial if its clear that the other party will not negotiate in good faith.

A personal injury lawyer can be a tremendous resource and ally in your fight to seek compensation for your losses. Take the first step by calling us at 793-8867 or contact us online to schedule your risk-free case evaluation.

Personal Injury Attorney Kansas City Langdonemisoncom

More than just legal advice: local injury lawyers find common ground with charity work

For more than 30 years, Langdon & Emison has dedicated its legal practice to helping people who have been seriously injured or who have lost loved ones due to:

  • Accidents involving motor vehicles, tractor-trailer trucks and trains.
  • A product defect that caused a seat back, tire, seat belt or other auto product to fail during an accident.
  • Defective consumer products that were not designed or manufactured properly.
  • Unsafe roadway construction, defective highway equipment or other roadway hazards.
  • Defective medical devices or dangerous prescription drugs.
  • Negligent acts of utility companies that cause gas explosions, electrocutions or electrical shock injuries in places where people live and work.
Kansas City Personal Injury attorney Services
  • Auto defects

If you seek a legal help then you can contact Kansas City

Address: 1828 Swift St Suite 303, North Kansas City, MO 64116, United States


Review: Samuel Barnett at the firm represented me after I suffered a concussion in an automobile accident. He and the firm were incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, and were able to explain the process and next steps in a way that made me feel comfortable and confident that my case was in good hands. Id recommend to anyone who has been injured.

How can you find the best personal injuries lawyer for you

  • Ask around: Ask your family and friends for advice.They might be able to refer you to a great attorney.
  • Want To Check Lawyer Discipline

    It is always a good idea to research your lawyer prior to hiring. Every state has a disciplinary organization that monitors attorneys, their licenses, and consumer complaints. By researching lawyer discipline you can:

    • Ensure the attorney is currently licensed to practice in your state
    • Gain an understanding of his or her historical disciplinary record, if any.
    • Determine the seriousness of complaints/issues which could range from late bar fees to more serious issues requiring disciplinary action.

    How Much Does A Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyer Cost

    The personal injury lawyers at Langdon & Emison work on a contingency fee basis. We dont charge anything upfront and only get paid if your case reaches a successful conclusion through either a settlement or trial. We want our clients to breathe easier knowing they can focus on their recovery efforts instead of worrying about how theyll cover legal fees.

    Car Accidents In Kansas City Mo

    Kansas City is a wonderful place to live, visit, and work. However, like many other major metro areas, there is a steadily growing number of auto accidents.

    Despite the fact that there were significantly fewer cars on the road due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an alarming spike in traffic fatalities. According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, traffic fatalities increased by 12% in 2020.

    Car accidents do not only affect drivers but also passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. In fact, the Kansas City Police Department reports that about 40% of traffic fatalities are not drivers.

    Major causes of car accidents in the Kansas City area include:

    • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    • Excessive speeding
    • Car Defects

    The one thing that all of these causes of accidents have in common is that they could have been prevented had the driver been paying attention or appropriately adjusted their driving to match conditions on the road.

    Car accidents are difficult enough as it is. On top of the trauma and mental suffering that may result from the accident, you also have to deal with costly recovery bills, a damaged vehicle, and a battle with the insurance company to be fairly compensated.

    Our St Louis Personal Injury Lawyers Are Ready To Help

    Kansas City Personal Injury Law Firm Releases Updated Version of Website

    Personal injuries, regardless of their severity, have the ability to impact a persons life. In the best-case scenarios, victims can walk away from an accident and will need to seek medical treatment for their injuries. However, at worst, victims may face permanent disabilities, long-term pain and suffering, and even death.

    Work with our firm to hold the negligent party responsible for their actions in civil court. We can investigate the cause of your accident, gather evidence, and establish the elements of negligence to show that your injury could have been prevented.

    Range Of Personal Injury Cases

    If your beloved one was injured in an accident and this accident did not happen due to his negligence, he has the right to bring this case to court. If he is unaware of the traffic laws and regulations, he can hire Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer.

    Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer is the best law firm in Chicago, which provides you dedicated, sincere, and experienced personal lawyer. Personal lawyer by Chicago Personal Injury lawyer firm provides you full support in court against the negligent person. He gives you guidance and enlightens your way to protect your rights. In an accident, you will also suffer financially.

    Sometimes, you have some unexpected injuries, which make you unable to work to support your family financially, and it becomes the reason to pay a mountain of bills. Sometimes injured person is not financially strong and he could not pay the bills of the injury treatment, in this way, he can hire Chicago personal injury lawyer who brings him able to fight for his right in court against the ignorant person to protect his right as a citizen.

    • Car accident
    • Spinal cord and brain Injuries
    • Trucking Accident

    You can hire a Chicago Personal Injury lawyer when you have suffered the accidents and the cases mentioned above. Chicago Personal injury lawyer represents you legally in the case mentioned above.

    What Is A Personal Injury Attorney In Illinois

    A personal injury attorney in Illinois is someone who represents individuals who have been injured due to someone else’s negligence. A personal injury attorney in Illinois has a duty to pursue the full extent of your legal rights, which includes pursuing a personal injury case on your behalf. A personal injury attorney in Illinois can also help individuals find out who is at fault for the accident, what damages have been sustained, and how to seek compensation. A personal injury attorney in Illinois will file an initial claim with the insurance company and negotiate with the insurance company on behalf of his or her client. Once the insurance company has accepted the initial claim, the personal injury attorney will then file a lawsuit.

    Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyer

    After an injury, it can be hard to know where to turn to for guidance and support. You cant trust insurance companies to protect your best interests. You need an experienced lawyer in your corner who can help you secure the financial compensation you need to recover. For injury victims in the Kansas City area, having the right lawyer will make all of the difference in your case.

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