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Personal Injury Lawyer Freehold Nj

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Experienced Freehold Personal Injury Lawyers Help Accident Victims Get Compensation In Nj

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Being able to identify an experienced law firm who will help you throughout a personal injury case is a crucial component of protecting your rights and recovering the compensation you need to get better. You deserve to have our dedicated Freehold Personal Injury Lawyers fighting on your side for the duration of your case. Choosing the right personal injury lawyer in NJ can have a significant impact on your ability to recover the maximum compensation allowable by law. All too often, victims are shocked to realize just how difficult it is to get a fair settlement from an insurance company. Thats where a team of dedicated injury lawyers can make all the difference.

If you or a loved one sustained injuries due to someone elses negligence in Freehold, NJ, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Lombardi and Lombardi, P.A. can help you. Contact us anytime to discuss your case.

Injured Due To A Negligent Person In Freehold And Have Questions? We Can Help, Tell Us What Happened.

Injuries From A Defective Product

When someone has been injured by a defective product, the manufacturer of that product should be held accountable for any injuries that occur. The victim might miss work, be disfigured, or suffer from a disability or fatal injuries. The manufacturer can be investigated and sued for negligence, and the company that made the faulty part can also be held accountable. Lawyers will investigate the case thoroughly to determine who played a part in the accident.

No matter the severity of the injury, a lawyer must be brought onto the case. This is important because even a minor injury can destroy any trust the client might have had when using that product. In a worst-case scenario, the victim could be killed. The family would require compensation for such an accident. In products liability cases, several companies could be involved.

Contact The Freehold Personal Injury Lawyers At Ellis Law Today To Ensure That You Are Receiving The Compensation You Deserve

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, the dedicated Freehold personal injury lawyers at Ellis Law will fight for your right to proper compensation. We work hard to ensure that each case we take is solved with the best possible outcome. Our office is conveniently located in Freehold, New Jersey to serve clients throughout New Jersey and New York. Contact us onlineor call us at . We speak Spanish, Yiddish, Hebrew, Portuguese and Russian.

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Free Bites In New York

The joke in New York with respect to dog bite cases is that every dog gets a free bite. The person attacked or bitten by a dog then has the further burden of proving that the dog had a vicious propensity and that the dog owner had prior knowledge of that dogs vicious propensity. This means that you must show that the dog has had violent or vicious interactions in the past. Generally, this may include presenting evidence that the dog has been seen as dangerous in the past. Evidence such as neighbor testimony regarding the dogs vicious propensity would be an example of this.

It is not enough to allege that the dog is dangerous because of its breed. Hence, even pit bulls, rottweilers, etc. get the benefit of the doubt unless your legal team can prove that the specific dog has a vicious propensity. However, these laws do not apply in all states. In New Jersey, the standard is that of reasonable care instead. This means that if a dog owner fails to prevent his dog from running out of the house or yard & it bites someone on the sidewalk, the homeowner may be considered negligent.

DAgostino & Associates P.C. has offices in New York and New Jersey. Contact us, or call us at 1-888-245-2924 to schedule a free consultation with our personal injury attorneys.

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Scott Vicknair Offers Reliable Representation In Any Dock Harbor Or Offshore Accident Claim

Personal Injury Lawyer Freehold NJ (5 Star Reviews)  The Sloan Law Firm

At Scott Vicknair, LLC, our maritime law practice focuses on protecting the interests of offshore workers, longshoremen, and seamen who have been injured on the job. These are extremely complex cases, and not every New Orleans personal injury lawyer is equipped to handle them. It is important to be sure that you have strong representation from an attorney with the ability to protect your interests.

Our attorneys at Scott Vicknair, LLC understand the perilous conditions that many maritime workers face on the job, and we know what kind of injuries can happen when a seaman or offshore worker is injured on the job. We diligently pursue every available option to secure the most favorable possible outcome on your behalf.

We are prepared to represent you in any maritime accident claim, including those involving the following federal laws:

  • Jones Act
  • Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act , including oil rig accidents
  • Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act
  • Death on the High Seas Act

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Contact The Skilled Team At Ellis Law For Dedicated Counsel

The legal team at Ellis Law offers a variety of legal services. We take the time to listen to your concerns and address your needs. Call us at or contact us online for a free consultation. Located in Freehold, New Jersey, we serve clients throughout East Brunswick, Toms River, Middletown, Jersey City, Neptune, Hudson County, Union County, Essex County, and Ocean County, as well as Brooklyn and New York, New York.

Freehold Nj Personal Injury Attorney Call 358

Personal injury cases are complex and winning them requires an understanding of all aspects of the law in New Jersey. Handling them on your own is not advisable. Defense attorneys and insurance adjusters have a great deal of experience handling injury claims. It is important to have experience on your side too. On behalf of the client, the Sloan Law Firm will focus on:

  • Getting medical bills paid
  • Sidewalk Accidents


Premises liability is the area of law that requires a New Jersey landowner, usually a store owner, to safeguard others on the premises from dangerous or hazardous conditions that could result in injury. In New Jersey, all commercial property and business owners must provide a safe environment for the people on their property.

For premises liability to apply, there must be negligenceor some other wrongful act by the commercial landowner or some entity using theproperty, such as a property management company. It is important to remember that a business isnot automatically responsible for an injury simply because an accident occurredon the premises. The business responsible for maintaining the premises may onlybe liable if there was a wrongful act, such as a failure to inspect thepremises or a failure to correct a hazardous condition that the landowner knewabout.

Some common premises liability cases involve:


  • Big-box stores
  • Apartment complexes
  • Business complexes

Causes of Slip& Fall Accidents

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Injured Infreehold Nj Get Legal Help From Experienced Freehold Lawyers

If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by someone elses negligence, contact Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, P.C., to learn more about how we can assist you. Call us toll-free at LAW-2000 to speak with a Freehold injury lawyer, or use our online form.

Our Freehold attorneys are dedicated to representing accident victims in communities throughout Monmouth County in pursuing fair and full compensation.

Getting The Legal Assistance To Succeed With Your Dog Attack Claim

Land Law – Freehold Covenants

Gay & Chackers dog attack attorneys have decades of experience in protecting the rights of people who were harmed when a dog attacked them. They know how to face down arguments by the defense and prove that the victim deserves compensation. If you or your child was bitten by a dog, please seek medical attention immediately. Then, our experienced dog bite lawyers will explain your options. We can work to recover your losses, including medical bills, future treatment or therapy you might need, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Call 567-7955 or fill out our online form, and one of our attorneys will review your case for free and without obligation. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you resolve your dog bite case. There is no risk or obligation. We charge victims no legal fees until we recover compensation for them.

How can we help you?

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Contact Our Experienced Freehold Personal Injury Lawyers Today

In a legal case, each side is looking out for their own best interests. That means you need someone on your side who knows the law and is committed to helping you get the compensation you deserve. Our firm provides you with a careful explanation of what you can expect as your legal claim evolves so you can make informed decisions about whats best for you. Contact us today to initiate a legal claim. Waiting too long could bar you from ever bringing a claim against a liable party, so contacting us as soon as possible in order to learn more about your personal injury case in Freehold, NJ is important, so dont delay.

Personal Injury Lawyer In Freehold New Jersey

Have you recently suffered an injury, due to either someone elses negligence or an occurrence at your workplace? At The Law Offices of Samantha Keown, we can help you navigate the processes necessary to ensure that you are fairly compensated. As one of the best workers compensation and personal injury attorneys in Freehold, NJ, Samantha Keown can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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Assistance With Family Law

Family law matters can be tense and emotional for everyone. Hiring a lawyer to assist with the matter is best for everyone. This is a good way for parents to handle child custody matters or to file for divorce. There are many other matters that might bring the family to court, and the family should not attempt to represent itself. Families may receive assistance with the following:

  • Adoption

How Much Is My Case Worth

New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney Launches New Dog Bite Website

Without looking at the full case and extent of injuries its difficult to arrive at an exact number, but you do deserve to be fully compensated for the damages caused by your injury. When working to arrive at a final figure, the monetary expenses related to medical bills and loss of wages from time missed from work are relatively easy to calculate. The tricky part is determining the dollar value of intangible factors, like pain and suffering and future loss of earnings. Your lawyer will be able to advise you more specifically on the amount you should be entitled to.

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How Do I Choose A Lawyer

  • Consider the following:

    Comfort Level
    – Are you comfortable telling the lawyer personal information? Does the lawyer seem interested in solving your problem?
    – How long has the lawyer been in practice? Has the lawyer worked on other cases similar to yours?
    – How are the lawyer’s fees structured – hourly or flat fee? Can the lawyer estimate the cost of your case?

Representing Clients With Personal Injury And Bankruptcy Matters

Tomes Law Firm, PC, is proud to have served the greater Freehold, New Jersey area for over 30 years. Our firm is happy to help you in any of your bankruptcy matters because we care about assisting you through this potentially overwhelming and stressful time and want to make sure you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. If you are facing any personal injury matters including slip and fall, motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice or workers compensation claims, please contact the Tomes Law Firm, PC, today.

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Most sincerely, Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq., on behalf of Christopher J. Hanlon, Esq., Bonnie M. Wright, Esq., and all the attorneys and staff at Hanlon Niemann & Wright.

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The Help You Need When You Are Facing A Legal Challenge

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Our entire legal team is committed to providing you and your case with the care that it deserves. As trial attorneys, we are prepared to be by your side until your case is resolved. If insurers are unwilling to make a fair offer, if prosecutors do not offer you a deal or you need help getting the workers compensation benefits you need to make ends meet, we are ready to take action. We know your case is important, and you can trust that it is as important to us as it is to you.

The attorneys at our firm make it a point to talk personally with each person who reaches out to us. We give you honest advice based on what we feel is most likely to happen in your case. We keep you informed about the progress of your case, and present you with detailed information each time you face an important decision. We aggressively pursue solutions inside and outside of the courtroom, always looking to protect your best interests.

Using The Law To Your Benefit

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Attorney

In general, how much an attorney costs will often depend on these four factors: billing method and pricing structure, type of legal work performed, law firm prestige, and attorney experience. Depending on the legal issue you are facing, an attorney may bill you by the hour, settle on a flat fee, or enter into a contingency fee agreement. The type of legal work you need help with will also play a role in cost incurred.

Experienced Car Accident Lawyers Representing Injured Clients Throughout Monmouth County

At the law offices of Brenner Spiller & Archer, LLP, our personal injury lawyers represent individuals in all types of accidents and personal injury cases throughout southern and central New Jersey. Our attorneys are committed to obtaining the best possible result in every case we handle, whether it is a major car accident, a slip and fall with minor injuries or a severe work accident resulting in more serious injuries or even death. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will work for you to achieve the best possible results for your injury.

Were you in an accident in Freehold, New Jersey? If so, its crucial to consult with a personal injury attorney immediately following a crash with injuries. Contact the law firm of Brenner Spiller & Archer, LLP today to discuss your case with our free, no obligation, consultation.

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Freehold Borough Nj Accident Facts And Statistics

While car and motorcycle collisions are the most noticeable accidents in Freehold Borough, various other types of incidents also result in injuries here. For instance, people can get injured after tripping and falling in someones unsafe property. Pharmacy errors may also cause life-altering injuries. Dog bites and other animal attacks may also make a legal case if negligence is involved.

Here are some relevant data:

Freehold Borough, NJ Accident Facts

  • Freehold Borough has relatively lower injury numbers than other Monmouth County boroughs. NJ Department of Health data shows that only four injury deaths occurred in Freehold in 2017. These were:
  • One death from a motor vehicle crash
  • One death from drowning
  • One death from poisoning
  • One death from an unspecified injury.
  • Though fatality numbers are lower in Freehold Borough, it still has hundreds of car accidents yearly. In 2015, for example, there were 378 crashes in this borough, reports NJ.com.
  • Freehold Borough is located within Freehold Township in Monmouth County, which is unfortunately noted as one of NJs deadliest counties in terms of traffic accidents. Numbers from the NJ State Police show that this county had 29 traffic deaths within just 2018.
  • If your injury was a result of someone elses carelessness, a lawyer at The Grossman Law Firm is ready to be of service. We have repeatedly won cases in these practice areas and more:

    • Personal Injuries

    Top Rated Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Freehold Borough Nj

    Understand Your Case Well with a Personal Injury Lawyer Freehold NJ

    Whether youre studying, working, or raising a family, Freehold Borough, New Jersey is a wonderful community. Sadly, the towns charm and economy are often shadowed by injurious accidents resulting from peoples negligence.

    The Grossman Law Firm is considered a trustworthy legal ally of many injured individuals in Freehold Borough. Our personal injury firm has been winning cases for over 20 years now, helping the injured get properly compensated and get back on track after their accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured in a negligent accident in Freehold Borough, talk to our NJ injury attorneys and New Jersey accident lawyer for free to see how we can help you.

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    Let Our Team Of Top New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys With A Proven Track Record Of Success And Respected Reputation Handle Your Case

    Three of our personal injury attorneys have been listed on the New Jersey Top 100 Super Lawyers list.

    If you have questions about an accident or injury youve suffered due to another persons actions or negligence, contact the personal injury attorneys at Lomurro Law today. From our office in Freehold, we help clients involved in all types of accidents throughout New Jersey. Your initial personal injury consultation is free and our attorneys are available to visit you at home or in the hospital. Call or contact us online to discuss your case.

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