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Personal Injury Attorney Miami Fl

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Slip And Fall Accidents

Miami Personal Injury Lawyers – Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers

Slip and falls accidents are common. Careful investigation often reveals these accidents are preventable if landowners and business operators undertake thoughtful reasonable safety measures. Slip resistant floor applications, elimination of tripping hazards, improved lighting and signage warning of hidden dangers are some of the remedies our lawyers have demonstrated in court to show how simple accident avoidance can be. Almost always land and business owners try to blame the victim. The truth is most guests on the property of others are careful and blameless when the root causes of a fall are determined.

Over the years, our accident lawyers have succeeded helping Miami slip, trip and fall accident victims in every imaginable scenario. From slippery surfaces, non-conforming steps, inadequate hand rails, poor visual conspicuity, inferior cleaning and maintenance practices are just some of hazards creating unnecessary and avoidable risks which lead to serious injury and even death for unsuspecting visitors.

Our accident & injury lawyers in Miami have the experience and expertise to prove in court that the land and business owners were at fault, not the victims.

Determining When An Accident Was Caused By Negligent Behavior

The saying accidents happen is true. Some accidents are merely bad luck on the part of all involved. More often, though, accidents occur because, on some level, carelessness or negligence transpired. When a legally responsible person or party fails to follow through on his or her due diligence, whether from lack of knowledge or time or even deliberate ill will, the law holds that person to account for any damage that results. That damage can be physical, as in the case of property damage or injury, or less tangible, in the case of pain, loss of companionship, or mental anguish. Its vital to work with a Miami personal injury lawyer to accurately determine whether the situation youve encountered is legally indefensible.

We routinely help people who have sustained an injury because of:

From Jones Act claims under to the wrongful death of a loved one, there is no case too challenging for out Miami injury attorneys to tackle. We also represent clients in EEOC and other discrimination claims.

Holding Nursing Homes Accountable

One of the most common issues we see in Miami is nursing home abuse or negligence. In our community, it is imperative that we properly care for our elders. Often, this takes the form of full-time nursing or specialized medical housing. The workers, either medical or otherwise, who undertake these services have particular duties with clients who may, for medical reasons, be difficult or uncooperative. Regardless of the stubbornness of the patient, the caregiver still has the onus of providing the highest possible care with the least restriction possible. When this contract and duty is transgressed, either through frustration, lack of knowledge, or outright ill will, a crime may have been committed.

Due to the fragility of many older patients, it can sometimes be challenging to appropriately document that such abuse has taken place. The assistance of a Fort Lauderdale nursing home abuse attorney in gathering and logging evidence is vital for a successful legal claim.

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Youre Not Sure What Your Claim Is Worth

It can be difficult to properly value a personal injury case. Insurance companies are known for low-balling accident victims. If you dont hire an attorney you will be forced to rely on an insurance companys calculations. They will do whatever they can do minimize your financial award. Hiring a Miami personal injury lawyer can protect you from these devious practices. Our attorneys will make sure that the extent of your injuries and the value of your claim are assessed properly. We work with experts throughout Miami to make sure that you get the money you deserve.

Establishing The Breach Of Duty Is The Cause Of Injury

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

After a Florida negligence lawyer helps establish duty and the fact that the opposing party breached their duty, you must prove that this breach of duty is the cause of the accident resulting in your injury. For example, you must prove that a stores failure to fix loose tiles is what caused your fall and that the fall resulted in your injury.

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Our lawyers work personally on every case our law firm takes up, which lets us attain higher verdicts and settlements.


We are here to offer the best in industry legal services to each and every client we have of personal injury cases.


We are one of the top law firms handling all kinds of personal injury cases, no matter how simple or complex they are.


When you work with us, you can rest assured to pay very affordable fees and that too only after we win your case.

How Much Is My Miami Personal Injury Claim Worth

It depends. No two cases are the same. The value of your claim will depend on a lot of different factors.

  • What type of injuries did you suffer?
  • How serious are your injuries?
  • What are your current out-of-pocket costs and expenses?
  • What kind of costs will you have in the future because of your injuries?
  • Has your income or ability to bring in money to support your family suffered?
  • Will your injuries result in a temporary or permanent disability?
  • How have you been affected emotionally?

Generally, the more severe your injuries, the higher the case value.

Our law firm works closely with leading accident and injury experts. We can rely on them as they assess and analyze the value of your case.

We can be confident that we understand the full impact of your injuries and can more appropriately determine what its likely worth. This sets us up for success as we enter negotiations and/or head to court to tell your story to a jury.

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You Need To Focus On Your Physical Recovery

Personal injury cases can be complicated and time-consuming. If youve suffered a serious injury you need to focus all of your time and energy on getting better. You cant do this if you are trying to navigate a complex legal claim.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer who understands applicable law and procedure is a great solution. You can focus on your recovery while knowing that your case is in good hands.

Hiring An Accident Attorney In Miami

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Jacksonville Medical Malpractice Attorney Florida 453345

When looking for an injury attorney, many people simply type in a google search for personal injury attorney near me. While that is a perfectly fine way to begin a search, it is important that you realize that not all lawyers are created equal. Personal injury lawyers vary widely in experience and skill. In South Florida, there are countless personal injury attorneys who are prepared to take your case, the issue is purely finding the right attorney for your case. By simply conducting proper research into the personal injury attorney you are thinking of hiring can make all the difference in getting the best and most satisfying resolution. At Suarez & Montero in Miami, Florida, our personal injury attorneys have a proven track record when it comes to helping injury victims.

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Medical Malpractice Can Cause Serious Injuries

When you visit a medical professional, you should be able to trust that they will help you get better and not make mistakes that cause you additional injury. Doctors, however, can be negligent like anyone else and should be held liable for any unnecessary losses you suffered as a result. Certain medical malpractice cases can result in serious complications and injuries that may require additional treatment and may even be life-threatening.

Medical malpractice cases can be extremely complicated, so it is important to have an lawyer on your side who fully understands how to help injured patients recover. Doctors and hospitals have legal teams and insurers in place who will try to limit their liability, but the Miami medical malpractice lawyers at Pita Weber & Del Prado have the resources necessary to stand up for your right to recovery. Contact our experienced Miami injury attorneys today.

The Florida Statute Of Limitations For Personal Injury Claims

You may be aware that there is a certain time limit in which youll need to bring a legal claim to the local court, governed by Floridas statute of limitations. The time limit you have to file a claim against the at-fault party depends on the claim that you have. Most commonly, our clients are filing claims for damages under the areas of medical malpractice, wrongful death, personal injury, personal property, and liability.

As the statute of limitations states for medical malpractice and wrongful death actions, you must bring forth a legal claim within two years from the date of the accident. For personal injury, personal property damage, and liability claims, you must bring a claim to the local court within four years.

Outside of these time frames, you will likely not be able to recover compensation by a legal claim.

Youll need to file a legal claim within the period specified by Floridas statute of limitations

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Personal Injury Lawyer Miami For Your Rescue

A personal injury is something that can happen in a range of ways, but nearly all have same consequences in common. Unexpectedly, your life is disturbed and possibly jeopardized financially, emotionally and physically by an incident or accident which might have been avoided. Our attorneys have seen all the repercussions that are rendered against injured victims from health damages through drug injury to brain injury, birth injuries, spinal cord damages, and more. Our Personal Injury Lawyer Miami FL law firm has been protecting and fighting for the interest of people and their families via personal injury claim for years. We have represented thousands of people harmed through fault of others. If youre looking for an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Miami FL you have reached the best place. Personal Injury Lawyer Miami aim is to assist you place your life back as nicely as possible by assisting you recover the compensation and resources you deserve and need in Miami, FL

Trusted Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer Miami FL For Professional Attorneys


The ways any personal injury can take place are considerable. For instance, traffic accidents are among the most common kinds of mishaps that result in injury claims.

Our Miami Personal Injury Lawyer team represents clients in all kinds of injury claims, like:

  • Traffic accident involving cars, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles and trucks
  • Defective products, including defective and dangerous drug
  • Medical malpractice, including birth injuries and unnecessary surgery
  • Dog bites

We will investigate and collect the evidence.

Get the fair compensation of your losses.

We at Miami Personal Injury Lawyer represent the disabled also in the social security disability claim as well those who are injured on the workplace or through the occupational disease with worker compensation claims. Through diligence and hard work, weve achieved many exceptional verdicts and settlements for clients, including those leading to multi million-dollar awards. Every case is exclusive, with its set of facts, legal issues and circumstances, but Personal Injury Lawyer Miami always approach them with a determined aim to acquire our clients the complete financial compensation they are entitled to. That compensation might include future and past medical expenses, lost wages or income, property damages, pain and sufferings, and much more.

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Why Should I Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

So, youve decided that you want to file a lawsuit. Thats an important first step. The next thing you should do is hire an experienced attorney. You may be able to get some money on your own. However, if you want to maximize your award or settlement you need to let a personal injury attorney handle your case.

Get Best Local Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami Florida

Personal Injury Attorney Miami are a law firm committed to protecting the right of victims that have suffered harsh injuries leading to the intentional, wrongful or negligent conduct of faulty parties. During the years, Personal Injury Lawyer Miami FL have been guided by bedrock principles that have enabled us to recover utmost financial compensation for all of our clients treat each injured victim as if they are our own family, and guard their rights to fullest.

We live in the society where the powerful, rich and big corporations have the power and resources to guard their rights. Weâve the best and most skilled Personal Injury Lawyers Miami FL team having the resources, expertise and knowledge to level down the playing field, making these powerful entities to take liability for their intentional or negligent conduct. All of our lawyers have more than 10 years court room experience. Our Personal Injury Lawyer Miami FL aim is to quickly turn the wheel of law in favor of the underrepresented and injured.

Victims Right To Monetary Recovery

Under personal injury laws of Miami, victims of grave injuries caused by intentional or negligent acts of other people are entitled to just and full compensation for their losses. A few of the recoverable losses in injuries based civil lawsuit include:

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We Handle Your Personal Injury Case With Compassion And Care

Prosper Shaked prides himself in having a collaborative approach to every case to fit each clients needs perfectly. Mr. Shaked strives to keep his clients informed and involved in their cases, and he is happy to answer any questions they may have during the process even in the initial free consultation. Mr. Shaked begins with the end in mind, and he does his best to efficiently and effectively move your case forward so that it does not drag on while you are waiting to be compensated for your accident or injuries.

They Evaluate Your Claim

Hurt? Personal Injury Attorney – Miami, FL – Rubenstein Law – Call 1-800-FL-LEGAL – 24/7

The first thing our personal injury attorneys will do for you as an injured plaintiff is to evaluate your personal injury claim. This is the initial, and perhaps, most important step. If you have been in an accident, injured on the job, or something else, we will provide you with a free consultation. During this preliminary interview, one of our personal injury lawyers will help you determine if you should file an insurance claim or if your situation doesnt fit the call for legal action. If you dont need to file a claim, you can save time and stress by finding out early. When accidents happen and you suffer an injury or other damages, a competent attorney can advise you on whether or not its worth filing a claim and trying to win compensation.

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What Compensation Can I Recover From A Personal Injury Lawsuit

In Florida, the damages available in personal injury lawsuits are generally divided into three distinct categories: economic, non-economic, and punitive. The type and amount of damages you will be able to recover will depend on the circumstances of your specific case. Need more information? Our personal injury lawyers are standing by to answer your questions.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are paid to compensate you for the financial costs associated with your injuries. Economic damages are awarded to put you back in the financial position you would have been in if your accident had never happened. Examples of economic damages that may be awarded in a personal injury case include those for:

  • Medical bills
  • Income lost during recovery, and
  • Disability and reduced earning capacity.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are paid to compensate you for injuries that may not necessarily have a direct financial cost. These injuries are often subjective and quite difficult to value. As a result, an award of non-economic damages can vary significantly from one case to another and often depends on the experience of the personal injury lawyer handling the case. Non-economic damages may be awarded to compensate you for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of sexual relationships, and
  • Loss of enjoyment of life.

Punitive Damages

No Cost To You Unless We Win

Personal Injury Law Firm since 1988. Resulting in Billions of Dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients.

We bring experience and results to every case. There is no cost to you, so call now to get your free case evaluation!


    $8.3 Million Settlement

    Product liability settlement for multiple claimants seriously injured in a vehicle rollover. We overcame the claim by the two defendants that the car was speeding at the time of the crash.


    $5.1 Million Settlement

    Our client suffered severe spinal cord injuries from a rear-end collision. We overcame a phantom vehicle defense & the claim that our client was negligent for failing to adjust his headrest.


    $6.5 Million Settlement

    Traumatic brain injury with back & spinal cord injuries when a truck rear-ended our clients’ car. Our legal team secured reparations for multiple victims in the car, including $3.7 million for our client with TBI.

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What Causes Airplane Accidents In Miami

Miami International Airport is the busiest airport in Florida, and one of the busiest in the United States. The airport serves more than 80 airlines and 167 destinations around the world. More than 1,000 flights takeoff and/or land at MIA every day. With that much traffic, its no surprise that there are aviation accidents in Miami.

Some of the most commonly reported causes include:

  • Defective airplane or aviation equipment
  • Mechanical error
  • Miscommunication with air traffic control
  • Failure to inspect and maintain the aircraft
  • Failure to inspect and maintain the runways, and
  • Dangerous weather conditions, including storms and wind.

Its important to make sure that your Miami plane accident is investigated thoroughly. When you call Lavent Law for help, our personal injury lawyers will work hard to make that happen. Well do everything in our power to determine what caused your accident and, in turn, identify whos responsible for your injuries.

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