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What Are Common Car Accident Injuries

Howard Kornberg – Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

Car accidents can range in severity, and the same can be said about the injuries suffered by accident victims. Some of the most common injuries our LA injury attorneys see with car accident victims include:

  • Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Back, neck, and spine injuries
  • Paralysis

How Is The Personal Injury Attorney Publicly Represented

If you grew up in Southern California during the 70s and 80s, you will remember Jacoby & Meyers TV commercials. While having a catchy jingle helps, top-performing personal injury attorneys dont need a gimmick. Instead, look for an attorney from a firm that has experience, dedication to the community and clients, and results. It shouldnt take smoke and mirrors to convince people to have a free consultation.

Check the attorneys LinkedIn account and see what their colleagues and past clients have to say about them. Certainly, this is a great place to discover who your attorneys connections are, what organizations they belong to, and give a good idea of their presence in the personal injury law space. You should also check the firms social media accounts and ask yourself if their content is professional and relevant to the needs of injury victims.

How Long Do I Have To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Typically, a victim has two years from the date of the accident to settle the claim or file a lawsuit. This is commonly known as the statute of limitations, which is the period from the date of injury to the date within where legal action must be taken. This means that if you fail to file an injury claim or lawsuit within this time frame, you will lose your legal right to make any claim. There are different statute of limitations for different types of personal injury cases. In California, the two-year period applies to most personal injury cases.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. If your injury case involves a government entity, your claim must typically be filed within six months from the date of the accident. This is just another reason you need to call our office as soon as possible after your accident.

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How Soon Should I Contact An Attorney

After a serious injury, there are all sorts of concerns vying for your attention. You might have to complete a rigorous treatment program involving multiple doctors visits, surgeries, and physical therapy. You may have to find someone to cover your shifts at work, help with domestic duties, and assist with child care. With so much to do, it may be tempting to postpone your personal injury claim however, failing to take immediate action could reduce your chances of obtaining a fair settlement. You should contact a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Specifically, its a good idea to consult an attorney immediately after you have undergone the first medical assessment, which should take place promptly after the accident. Here are just some of the reasons why you should schedule the free legal consultation without delay:

  • Eyewitnesses Could Forget Essential Details: It is not uncommon for someone who witnesses a traumatic event to forget essential details within just a few days. It is even possible for their memory to become distorted, and they might recall things that didnt actually happen. Your lawyer will want to speak with eyewitnesses while the incident is still fresh in their memory. If they saw something that could strengthen your case, your attorney might depose eyewitnesses during discovery.

Is It Better To File A Lawsuit Or Initiate A Settlement Claim

Los angeles personal injury lawyer

In most cases, your attorney will suggest that you file a settlement claim against the other party. This is because it is simpler, more straightforward, and less costly for both parties. They only get the opportunity to negotiate a claim when a judge is not involved. Even if you go to court, you will have to attend a pre-trial meeting. This is the last attempt to mediate between you and the other party before going to court. You get the opportunity to negotiate a settlement before appearing before a jury. If the negotiation doesnt go well, then you are assigned a court date. However, most personal injury claims settle outside of court.

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Slip And Fall Injuries

When you are on someone elses property, the owner has a legal right to see to your safety. You deserve to be made aware of any tripping hazards, wet floors, or uneven terrain. Slip and fall accidents can lead to a wide variety of injuries from minor to very severe.

The challenge with some slip and fall accidents is determining who is responsible for your injuries. If you fell in a store, is the manager on duty responsible for your safety? Is the buildings owner? If you were injured on public or government-owned property, who do you turn to for your compensation?

Slip and fall accidents can be very complex. Without knowing who to turn to for help, you may be stuck with expensive medical bills and lost wages. Depending on the extent of your injuries, your life may never be the same.

Common Personal Injury Cases Our Law Firm Takes

Personal injury defines a broad category of legal issues that may require legal assistance from an injury lawyer. Our injury law firm has provided our clients in southern California with the necessary legal representation to obtain the maximum recovery possible under the law. We have been able to achieve success in a variety of fields in personal injury cases, including car accidents, rear-end accidents, T-bone accidents, DUI accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall, wrongful death, construction accidents, traumatic brain injuries, concussion, whiplash injury, spine injuries, back injuries, premises liability, post-traumatic stress disorder , among others. We accept qualified cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning our clients will never have to pay our attorneys until we successfully recover money and damages for their injuries. In every case, we take the time to fully evaluate how an accident occurred to determine whether a person has a legal claim. In some cases, this may involve accident reconstruction specialists, medical experts, or other specialized consultants to get the bottom of why an accident occurred.

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What Is A Good Settlement For A Personal Injury

What one person may consider a successful settlement could be regarded as a lowball reimbursement by others. Our firm defines a successful personal injury case outcome as one that meets the following criteria:

  • The victim receives immediate medical attention.
  • The right medical treatments and procedures are performed, without delay.
  • The maximum case value is established taking into account current and future suffering, losses, and hardships.
  • No unpaid medical bills are left for the plaintiff to deal with.
  • The highest possible settlement is awarded based on actual hardships, and not based on the summary of an insurance adjuster

In order to get the highest possible settlement and get on the path to making the best quality recovery, you need to get the highest possible settlement. Partnering with a skillful and professional personal injury lawyer can help.

We At Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles Care And Help Call Us

Juan J. Dominguez | Los Angeles | Personal Injury Attorney

Help alter the situation or system that caused this misfortune.

Change the situation or system that caused this disaster, especially when your case involves a permanent injury or death. This can occur from dangerous or defective products, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, car accidents, etc. Every associate of our legal team is focused on achieving justice for every client and using every legal victory to get about large societal changes. Eventually, our Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles CA have made vehicles, saved numerous lives, long-term care facility, hospitals, and group home safer. We hold large corporations and big insurance companies accountable.

We listen. We care. We can assist.

Obtain the compensation needed for the losses and injuries youve suffered. If any of your dear ones is facing enduring disability or your family is experiencing the financial and emotional loss of any family member call our Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles firm right away.

Our Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles CA team has the compassion and the trial attorney skills to tell the story to the jury. Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer will know you as well as your family in order that we can assist the jury know what has occurred to you as well as your family along with how it changed your lives. Get the compensation needed for the losses and injuries you have suffered.

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No Fee Unless We Get You Compensation

All of our personal injury cases, from slip-and-falls to dog bites, are handled on a contingency basis. That means we only charge a fee if we obtain compensation for you. To learn more about how we can help you, contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys today for your FREE consultation. You can reach us online or by phone.

California Personal Injury Laws

There are many personal injury laws that may make or break the success of your case. The most noteworthy are:

Californias At-Fault Insurance

California is an at-fault state for auto insurance and auto accidents. If you are in a car accident, you will have to file a claim against the other partys insurance to get money for your medical bills and other losses.

This process is different in no-fault states, where victims must purchase Personal Injury Protection insurance and file claims with their own insurance company after an accident.

Comparative Fault

California utilizes pure comparative fault rules to apportion fault in accidents involving multiple at-fault parties. Under these rules, your award can be reduced if you share fault for an accident.

You can still recover compensation, but a judge or jury will reduce your damages to account for your share of fault.

The Statute of Limitations

Californias statutes of limitation limit the amount of time you have to file a claim after an accident. In most claims, the statute of limitations is two years.

This means you will have to file your claim within two years after your accident or risk forfeiting your right to compensation. However, if you failed to discover your injuries right away you have one year from the date you discovered the injury.

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The 20 Best Personal Injury Lawyers In Los Angeles

If youve suffered an injury as a result of an accident that wasnt your fault, you may be entitled to claim compensation against the financial losses youve experienced. If you live in Los Angeles, youll find hundreds of personal injury lawyers on your doorstep. But beware of putting your case in the hands of the first name you find. Your lawyer is crucial to a successful outcome without the right one by your side, you might struggle to get the settlement or verdict you deserve. To ensure your best chance of success, take a moment to check out our guide to the best personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles.

How To Find A Personal Injury Lawyer In Los Angeles

Personal Injury Attorneys Los Angeles

Personal injury lawyers help those hurt in an accident get the financial support they deserve from the liable party or their insurance company. While personal injury is a niche in and of itself for lawyers, there are deeper areas of focus that lawyers may have. For example, a workers compensation specialist might not deal with car accidents with the same success as someone specializing in that arena. Finding the right personal injury lawyer will take a little shopping and interviewing.

Heres what you should be considering when trying to find a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.

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They Can File A Personal Injury Lawsuit

When the other partys insurance company refuses to settle with you or provide reasonable compensation for your personal injury, your attorney can then file a lawsuit on your behalf. They will represent your case before the judge and jury, guide you on proper court procedures, and gather witnesses to testify for you. With the evidence provided, your attorney will do their best to prove that the other party is at fault so that you are awarded a fair settlement amount.

Traffic Accident Statistics For Los Angeles

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the mean travel time to work was 31.9 minutes for all workers over 16 years of age. This extended amount of time can increase the potential for car accidents.

In 2015, the Vision Zero initiative was launched to reduce traffic-related deaths in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Police Departments numbers show the initiative has not succeeded in lowering the number of traffic deaths, however. The year 2021 saw approximately 289 people killed in traffic accidentsup by more than 20% from the previous year.

Traffic accidents involving vehicles of all kinds are a leading cause of preventable death across the country. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , the overall traffic death rate is lower than 20 years ago. However, it is still high enough to be a concern for anyone living in LA.

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Hire A Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

For the last 35 years, the personal injury attorneys at The Reeves Law Group have been serving Los Angeles, CA residents who have been injury victims. Since day one, our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys have been committed to protecting our injured clients, who have been hurt by the carelessness of others. The expertise and care that we give each injury claim have garnered attention from local and national legal organizations.

If you have been hurt in an accident and are looking for an accident lawyer in Los Angeles, contact our law offices today for a free consultation. We will review your case for free and there are no fees until we win you financial compensation.

Call or contact us for a free consultation regarding your personal injury matters. We make home and hospital visits!

About The Barnes Firm’s Top Los Angeles Attorneys

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys | Levin & Nalbandyan, LLP

Our reputable team of lawyers at The Barnes Firm law office will work diligently to get you the compensation you deserve while you take care of whats important: your health.

Let our law firm review your case and give you the peace of mind that there is hope. We are available 24/7. Call 800-0000 for a free and confidential consultation with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney from The Barnes Firm.

633 West 5th St.Los Angeles, CA 90071

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Get The Compensation You Deserve

Our injury lawyers provide aggressive legal representation for clients who have been hurt in accidents caused by the negligence of others. Every day, innocent people in California are injured in accidents due to other people’s carelessness and negligent acts. In many cases, victims of these accidents experience tremendous pain and suffering, lose income from being unable to work, incur thousands of dollars in medical expenses, and maybe deal with significant damage to their property. Victims may even be looking at a lifetime of missed opportunity and permanent disability, all because of someone else’s negligence. Fortunately, California law allows victims to recover compensation for these and other losses after a preventable accident. While no amount of money can change the past, it can undoubtedly help victims manage the financial costs associated with an accidental injury and help them feel that those responsible for their injuries have been held accountable.

Daniel A Gibalevich Dag Law Firm

DAG Law Firm was founded in 2001 by Daniel A. Gibalevich. The firm focuses exclusively on personal injury cases, providing support to victims of pedestrian accidents, slips and falls, dog bites, and wrongful deaths. An experienced trail lawyer with a history of winning large settlements and verdicts for his clients, Gibalevich understands that no two cases are the same, and is experienced at drawing up case-specific strategies to ensure the best possible chance of success.

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Michael D Payne The Law Offices Of Michael D Payne

Michael D. Payne is a personal injury lawyer with over 30 years of experience. His focus areas include animal & dog bites, brain injury, car accidents, construction accidents, motorcycle accidents, premises liability, truck accidents, and wrongful death. As a trial lawyer, hes never afraid to take a case to court if it serves the best interests of his client. His record of winning large settlements and verdicts has earned him membership to the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, an exclusive club limited to those trial lawyers whove won a settlement or verdict in excess of one million for their clients. Free consultations are offered and fees are available on a no recovery- no fee basis.

Will My Case Go To Trial

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

The majority of injury cases settle. The injury victim and their attorney will negotiate a fair award that compensates the victim for the damages related to an accident. However, not all cases settle.

In some instances, an insurance company may refuse to pay the full value of a victims claim. They may even deny the claim or blame the victim for their accident or injuries. If this happens to you, you may need to take your case to trial.

In fact, initiating a lawsuit may be the only way for you to recover compensation if the insurance company refuses to settle. A lawsuit may even encourage the insurer to settle your case at a later date, after you have collected and proffered evidence showing that the defendant is at fault for your injuries.

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