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Determining When An Accident Was Caused By Negligent Behavior

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The saying accidents happen is true. Some accidents are merely bad luck on the part of all involved. More often, though, accidents occur because, on some level, carelessness or negligence transpired. When a legally responsible person or party fails to follow through on his or her due diligence, whether from lack of knowledge or time or even deliberate ill will, the law holds that person to account for any damage that results. That damage can be physical, as in the case of property damage or injury, or less tangible, in the case of pain, loss of companionship, or mental anguish. Its vital to work with a Miami personal injury lawyer to accurately determine whether the situation youve encountered is legally indefensible.

We routinely help people who have sustained an injury because of:

  • Defective products

From Jones Act claims under maritime laws to the wrongful death of a loved one, there is no case too challenging for out Miami injury attorneys to tackle. We also represent clients in EEOC and other discrimination claims.

Why Should I File A Personal Injury Claim

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The average cost of a personal injury claim following a car accident is about $15,785. If your injury is severe you can expect to pay a whole lot more.

In fact, you may be faced with tens of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in medical bills. Most Americans do not have enough saved away to cover these extraordinary costs. Fortunately, you have the right to file a lawsuit if someone else caused your accident. We will help you get the money you deserve. We wont rest until you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

Personal Injury Lawyers & Car Accident Attorneys In Miami

Our Miami firm handles personal injury and wrongful death matters throughout Florida, with offices in Miami, Palm Beach, and Tampa. Contact us if you or someone you know has suffered an injury, death, or financial loss due to the negligent or wrongful conduct of others. Our firm handles personal injury claims related to medical malpractice, dangerous products, automobile defects, car and truck accidents, and all forms of personal injury matters resulting in significant injury or death.

As with all legal matters, it is best to contact an attorney as soon as possible to help assure your legal rights are protected. Under Florida law, actions for personal injury or wrongful death may only be brought within a certain timeframe. If you are considering filing a personal injury or wrongful death action, our lawyers in Miami, Palm Beach, and Tampa can help.

Experienced Injury Attorneys


At our firm, our team firmly believes that your first and only concern should be your recovery recouping from a serious injury is no easy feat, only to be made more difficult by having to deal with the anxiety of pursuing legal action. Our priority is to handle the legal aspects of your case, so you can focus on whats most important: your recovery.




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They Evaluate Your Claim

The first thing our personal injury attorneys will do for you as an injured plaintiff is to evaluate your personal injury claim. This is the initial, and perhaps, most important step. If you have been in an accident, injured on the job, or something else, we will provide you with a free consultation. During this preliminary interview, one of our personal injury lawyers will help you determine if you should file an insurance claim or if your situation doesnt fit the call for legal action. If you dont need to file a claim, you can save time and stress by finding out early. When accidents happen and you suffer an injury or other damages, a competent attorney can advise you on whether or not its worth filing a claim and trying to win compensation.

Ready To Handle Complex Cases

Miami Personal Injury Attorneys Lipcon &  Lipcon Discuss How New Florida ...

If youre facing a thorny legal issue or have sustained a severe injury, dont make the mistake of hiring a lawyer who primarily practices in uncomplicated injury claims.

At Kaire & Heffernan no case is too sophisticated. We are Miami medical malpractice attorneys and Florida personal injury lawyers with decades of specific experience in complicated cases, including:

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How Can We Strengthen Your Personal Injury Case

Those who have been involved in an accident of any kind could suffer serious injuries that may take months or years to recover from, and continued treatments and expensive medical bills can take a great toll on a individuals quality of life. When you or a loved one suffers a personal injury the effects can be devastating.

Our team understands the financial burden and emotional toll can turn lives upside down. We also understand that without quality legal counsel, many injured victims would proceed without holding the responsible parties accountable for their actions or would simply accept low unfair settlement offers. For many injured victims, the thought of having to negotiate with insurance companies seems daunting.

In fact, most accident victims simply dont feel well enough to handle their own personal injury claim against the responsible party. But still, medical records and police reports need to be requested, tough negotiations with insurance adjusters must take place and while some negotiations are pleasant and decided rather quickly others are unpleasant and can take months or years to finish up.

Serving South Floridas Spanish

Attorney Mark Kaire is fully fluent in Spanish. So are many of our staff members. Dont settle for anything less than a Spanish-speaking Miami personal injury attorney with whom you can communicate easily and naturally. The law is too complicated and too important to risk errors in translation. You can count on us.

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How Personal Injury Lawyers In Miami Identify The Liable Parties To Get The Compensation

After our personal injury attorneys Miami identify all parties responsible for your car accident, we will fight to achieve the financial compensation that you deserve for:

  • Medical expenses- past, present, and future estimations
  • Post Wages- past and present
  • Loss of future income
  • Pain and suffering, physical and mental
  • Emotional damages and loss of companionship
  • Any other relevant losses

Liability isnt always limited to a single person. If you were in a car accident where the other driver ran a red light, the other driver can be held responsible for his actions. Additionally, if he were running an errand within the scope of his employment, his employer may also be liable for his negligence.

Likewise, if you were injured by a nurse who administered the wrong medication, the nurse can be held liable along with the supervising physician. if that doctor could have prevented the car accident incident.

Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

Hurt? Personal Injury Attorney – Miami, FL – Rubenstein Law – Call 1-800-FL-LEGAL – 24/7

The job of a Florida personal injury lawyer is to help people who have suffered personal injuries and other damages because of someone elses carelessness or recklessness. These injuries can be very serious and require extensive medical care for issues like brain or spinal cord injuries, soft tissue injuries, internal bleeding, cuts, fractures, and so on. You should consider getting legal assistance from a personal injury attorney if you have been harmed as a result of someone elses negligence or breach of duty of care and are wondering if you should seek compensation.

You will need a good personal injury attorney to help you when youre battling a large insurance company. Our personal injury lawyers at Kaire & Heffernan will make sure that you are treated fairly and that your rights are protected. With this kind of support, you can focus on getting better and not worry about the lengthy and daunting personal injury lawsuit process.

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You Need A Lawyer Who Believes In You

When it comes to your personal injury case, you need a lawyer who believes in you, your case, and is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure justice is served. Dont let big corporations, doctors, construction companies and other giants in the world get away with causing you injury. We take on these entities because we are passionate about your case and getting you the best possible outcome.

We Help To Collect Evidence

Our Miami personal injury lawyer will interview any car accident witnesses who were at the scene of your automotive accident, review footage from traffic cameras, and check if your car accident was caught by any security cameras from the nearby buildings. Our personal injury attorneys Miami will also review any other car accident documentation or evidence pertinent to your accident in order to build as strong of a personal injury auto case as possible.

Our Injuries Lawyers Use Research, Fact-Finding, and Accident Reconstruction Experts

We may employ an accident reconstruction expert to investigate the Miami car accident site and perform situational analysis, measure skid marks, review the damage to vehicles, and any other objects that can give us an idea as to what happened and who should be held liable for your car accident injuries and pain and suffering.

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What You Must Prove To Win Compensation For Your Injuries

In most cases, you must prove the four aspects of negligence in a personal injury case to recover compensation for your injuries:

  • Duty of care: A store owner owes shoppers an area free of hazards, such as water on the floor.
  • Breach of duty: If there was a pool of water on the floor in the above example, the owner broke this duty.
  • Causation: If a person fell because of the puddle, that would be causation.
  • Actual damages: Medical expenses and missing time at work due to your injuries would count as damages.

Usually, you must prove that the other party was negligent in not following the standard of care required under the circumstances. For example, you can show a property owner knew about a broken step and failed to warn you. Florida law makes two notable exceptions to the negligence rule for dog bites and car accidents.

Negligent And Inadequate Security

Andrew Shamis

These types of cases are usually filed when people are seriously injured or victimized on public and private property. We have successfully brought lawsuits for negligent and inadequate security measures against shopping centers, bars, hotels, motels, theaters, concert halls, apartment buildings, other places where public gatherings take place. Retailers, landowners, business owners and operators, store owners, security companies, special event promoters, and others have been held accountable for serious injury victims and wrongful death because of our commitment to justice for innocent victims.

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Can I Afford A Lawyer For My Personal Injury Claim

We understand the cost of service is a concern. The team at Anidjar & Levine works on a contingency fee basis. That means you wont pay anything out of pocket.

Our fee is paid by a percentage of your insurance settlement or court award. We will provide you with the best legal care without damaging your financial stress. Learn more with our legal FAQs or call us for a free consultation at and speak with a personal injury lawyer in Miami.

We want to put our knowledge, experience, and resources to work for you.

How Long Do I Have To File A Lawsuit In Florida

Typically, four years. Thats because Florida law sets time limits on personal injury claims known as statutes of limitation.

Under Florida law, most claims have a four-year statute of limitations, including motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls, and product liability.

Some cases are subject to different rules.

For instance, medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuits have a two-year statute of limitations. Youll have a matter of months to act if your case involves the government.

On the other hand, you could also have additional time above and beyond the set time limit if certain tolling factors apply. That might be the case if the victim was a minor or an injury isnt discovered right away.

Keep in mind that you will lose your right to compensation if you dont file your claim on time. Thats why its important to speak with an attorney as soon as you can after you or a loved one is injured.

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No Recoveryno Fees Guaranteed By Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

Our Personal Injury Attorney Miami FL team accept cases on the contingency fees basis. It means that all of our clients will NOT need to pay our Miami Personal Injury Attorney anything until Personal Injury Attorney Miami FL are successful in recovering funds and damage for the injuries that you or any loved one had suffered due to someone elses negligence. Contact our Personal Injury Attorney Miami FL today!

Our Personal Injury Attorney Practice Areas In Miami And South Florida

Miami Personal Injury Lawyers – Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers

After suffering an accident in Miami or the surrounding Florida area, rest assured a Miami personal injury attorney can help. However your accident happened, our dedicated team at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine will assist you in the claims process for the financial compensation you need. Our practice areas include:

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The Types Of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

With more than 100 years of experience, our Miami injury lawyers have made a positive impact on our community by helping to change laws, influence legislation and set a legal precedent to better protect consumers. We prepare every case for trial and work as a team to pursue the best possible results for every client we represent when any of the following results in injury or death:

Additionally, Freidin Brown, P.A. offers representation for a wide-range of other personal injury claims, including:

Who Is The Best Personal Injury Attorney In Miami Florida

Choosing the best personal injury attorney in Miami, Florida depends on the following factors:

  • Expertise in dealing with Personal Injury Cases
  • High Success Rate

In compliance with all the above factors, Wolf and Pravato personal injury lawyers in Miami work tirelessly for you to achieve a fair settlement of your case. You can contact our legal experts to find justice for your personal injury case.

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What Is The Definition Of Tort Law

  • Tort law is broken into three categories:

  • Intentional tort the Defendant knew or should have known, that the injury could occur as a result of his/her actions or inactions.
  • Negligent tort Defendant was unaware that an injury could occur as a result of his/her actions, and at the same time, Defendant was not acting in a safe manner.
  • Strict liability tort a specific action caused the damages rather than the lack of care on the defendants part.

What Kind Of Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers In Miami Handle

Esquenazi Law

Wolf and Pravatos Personal Injury Lawyers Miami handle all types of personal injury casesfrom slips and falls, dog attacks, brain injuries, boating accidents, and much more throughout the Miami area. We also take care of cases when a person, product, or company causes harm to someone. Most of the personal injury cases we look into are mainly a result of auto accidents, which come under a single package. If your personal injury is a result of a heinous accident, theres a fair chance that our law firm has worked on similar cases earlier. Reach out to us to find the best possible solution for your case.

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Best Representation For Clients

When it comes to preparing our clients cases, we do not hold back. Our team of personal injury lawyers is always there to represent you.

We take aggressive stance, thinking the case would go to the trial as established and seasoned litigators, were more than comfy dealing with complicated cases. We can use our great experience to create an efficient strategy for you.

Common Types Of Severe Personal Injuries

Injuries in the workplace affect about three million people every year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many of these victims are never able to return to the work they once did, or are never able to perform at the level they were at before their accident. If they dont receive the financial assistance they need, many fall into a financial pit they can never climb back out of.

As mentioned earlier, slip and falls are another serious cause of injury for millions of people every year. While most of these falls occur at home or are not the fault of anyone, thousands of people slip and fall because of unsafe walking surfaces at restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, and other retailers. A premises injury can happen because of unsafe machinery, slippery floors, faulty wiring, or dangerously stacked merchandise. In addition to fractured hips, common premises injuries, from both slip and falls as well as other accidents, include broken wrists, traumatic brain injuries, torn ACL tendons, spinal cord damage, broken ribs, and even burns or electrocution.

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Personal Injury Lawyer Miami Fl

Being a Miami based Law Firm, we have accumulated a highly talented and experienced team of Personal Injury Lawyer Miami FL specialized in personal injury laws, such as motorcycle accidents, car accidents and slips & falls, to police negligence and medical malpractice, to name some. Every Personal Injury Lawyer Miami FL of our firm goes an extra mile always to guarantee a successful settlement of your personal injury claim. Entrusting your case to us frees you as well as your family from stresses of needing to deal with all the complexities of legal system which lets you to emphasize all of your energy and time on your own recovery from your injuries. We at Personal Injury Attorney Miami also take all the worries out of legal fee with contingency structure which depends fully upon a successful end of your claim or case.

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