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Massachusetts Car Injury Law Firms

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Common Causes Of A Car Accident In Boston Ma

Car Accident Injury Claim – Can I Change Lawyers? | Boston Car Accident Lawyer

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration , human error and negligent drivers account for 93% of all automobile accidents.

Some common causes of car accidents include:

  • Distracted driving: If someone is on their phone, eating, or otherwise not paying attention to the road in front of them, they are more likely to cause an accident.
  • Drunk driving: Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol may impact your ability to drive safely and endangers other motorists as well.
  • Reckless driving:Running red lights, switching lanes without signaling, and not checking for other cars at an intersection can all result in an unnecessary car accident.
  • Speeding:Going over the speed limit increases your likelihood of crashing and can increase the risk of fatal injuries.

While the actions of a driver are often to blame for car accidents in Boston, a small percentage of accidents can also be caused by other factors.

Other factors that may cause a car accident in Boston include:

  • Animal crossings
  • Mechanical malfunctions

Car accidents can result in injuries to both the driver and passenger of all cars involved in the accident. Injuries can be mild, severe, or even fatal.

Who Is Responsible For Paying The Bills After A Car Accident

Ultimately, the party or parties that caused your car accident should be held responsible. However, it often takes weeks, months, or even years to secure full compensation after a crash.

When you have medical bills that need to be paid before you can obtain compensation from the at-fault party, you may be able to turn to your personal injury protection coverage in your own auto insurance policy or your health insurance policy. These can help pay for medical expenses while you are in the process of pursuing a personal injury claim. If these insurance companies pay for losses you incur in a car accident caused by someone else, the insurers may place a lien on any recovery you obtain from the at-fault party.

Dont Go It Alone Get Legal Representation

Accidents happen fast in and around Boston whether on I-90 or I-93, Dorchester or Roxbury. In a moment, another drivers negligence can leave you with serious injuries that change your life forever. You have rights under Massachusetts law, but those rights must be protected. Thats why you need an experienced Boston car accident attorney on your side.

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Ma Personal Injury Case & Accident Info

Massachusetts is a gorgeous state that also has its fair share of aggressive drivers, which leads to car accidents, negligence cases, and personal injuries maybe for you, maybe for a friend or family member.

You might not even know where to pin liability. Whatever happened, if you need guidance for your personal injury case, Enjuris has the answers.

Is There A Time Limit For Filing A Car Accident Lawsuit In Massachusetts

Defense Attorney

Massachusetts limits the amount of time that a party has to bring forth a lawsuit after an accident to three years from the date of the accident. If you exceed the three-year time limit, you can be permanently barred from recovery. For this reason, it is best to talk with a car accident attorney as soon as you are able to do so following your crash.

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Representing Those Involved In Auto Accidents In Suffolk County

Although our imposing record of success at trial and in negotiation may intimidate our opponents, our dedicated team of trial lawyers are approachable and compassionate.

At the Boston, Massachusetts law firm of Brody, Hardoon, Perkins & Kesten, LLP, we understand that real people are at the heart of every legal conflict. When a car accident leads to litigation, we offer a preeminent level of service that suits each individual clients needs.

Hiring A Lawyer In Massachusetts

The first meeting with a personal injury attorney is normally free. After that, lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means that they will take a third of the eventual reward or settlement, plus whatever office expenses they incurred.

If your case ends up going to trial, the percentage could rise to 40% of the eventual reward or judgment. These numbers aren’t determined by law, so don’t be surprised if your lawyer suggests something else.

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Boston Labor & Employment Laws

In addition to its historical significance, Boston also has a strong labor law presence that provides protections for its workers.

The Attorney Generals Fair Labor Division enforces the Massachusetts wage and hour laws and provides information regarding specific employment rights for employees.

The Department of Labor and Workforce Development website has a wealth of information about these issues and can help you understand your rights as an employee.

  • Massachusetts Minimum Wage Law: The minimum wage in Massachusetts is $14.25 per hour , and it applies to all employees except those who are covered by a collective bargaining agreement that provides for a higher rate of pay, such as unionized workers. The minimum wage will increase annually until it reaches $15 per hour in 2023.
  • Massachusetts Overtime Law: Under federal law and Massachusetts state law, most employees are entitled to be paid 1.5 times their normal hourly rate for every hour worked over 40 hours in one week.
  • Massachusetts Employment Discrimination Lawsuits: Massachusetts employment discrimination lawsuits are handled by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination . This agency investigates alleged cases of discrimination based on race, color, religious creed, national origin, ancestry, or gender identity.

The Department of Industrial Accidents ensures all employers in Massachusetts have Workers Compensation insurance coverage available for employees who are injured on the job.

Injured In An Accident In The Greater Boston Areaour Legal Team Will Fight For You

McMullin Injury Law – St George Utah – Personal Injury Attorneys

When you are injured in a car accident or slip and fall, its not just you against the negligent driver or property ownerits you against a large, well-prepared insurance company with a team of adjusters and attorneys and, frankly, its just not a fair fight. Thats where we come in. We stand up for our hard-working clients in the battle for compensation, and we level the playing field. We make sure that if there is going to be a fight, its going to be a fair fight. Our personal injury team is made up of former insurance industry legal professionals who know how these insurance companies operate. This insider experience gives our clients an advantage when trying to get compensated for their injuries.

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How A Car Accident Can Change Your Life

A car accident can have a serious impact on your life. Immediately after an accident, you might need emergency medical care, including surgery, due to a serious car accident injury. That is only the beginning of what you might have to deal with after your crash.

After an accident, many of the issues you might face could include:

  • Filing out confusing insurance claim forms
  • Dealing with insurance company investigators
  • Getting to doctor’s appointments without a vehicle
  • Suffering from pain caused by your crash
  • Making modifications to your home due to permanent disability
  • Figuring out how to pay your bills if you can’t work

No matter what issues you’re dealing with, no matter how serious or minor they might seem, make sure you take your case seriously right from the start. Make sure you contact our law firm and schedule your free case evaluation right now.

Arrange A Free Consultation

When you consult with an accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident, you learn that you have choices and legal options. A legal consultation is a no-pressure opportunity to help you determine your next move. A law offices team member will make an appointment convenient for you and your circumstances.

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Common Causes Of Accidents

Massachusetts utilizes traffic laws and road signage to prevent car accidents from happening. Unfortunately, drivers do not always abide by the rules of the road. When a motorist does not drive responsibly, they put themselves, their passengers, other motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists at risk. Negligent or reckless driving can also jeopardize businesses and other properties in the vicinity.

The most devastating collisions often involve driving too fast or driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs or prescription medications, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Failure to yield or keep in the proper lane also contributes to thousands of accidents every year. Other common causes of accidents include:

  • Going the wrong way on a road or highway.
  • Passing or switching lanes unsafely.
  • Failure to use turn signals.
  • Failure to yield or running a stoplight or stop sign.
  • Drowsiness, a prevalent issue among long-haul truckers and people who work the night shift or irregular hours.
  • Distracted driving including texting or making a phone call, using a GPS, eating or drinking, talking to passengers, or minding children in the back seat.
  • Defective vehicles.
  • Dangerous weather or road conditions, including fog, snow, or rain that can decrease visibility, ice and snow on the roads, potholes, broken guardrails, or faded dividing lines.

What Compensation Can I Receive After A Car Accident

Springfield Law Firm, Ford, Quinn &  Associates Law Firm

If you’ve been injured in a car accident that wasn’t you fault, you may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Modifications to your home or vehicle if you sustain a permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship depending on the nature of your injury

You may be eligible for other damages as well, which is why you should contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

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What Are The Most Common Causes Of Massachusetts Car Accidents

Insurance companies, attorneys, and courts use the legal process to look at many factors in determining the legal liability of an accident.

Cause is often a combination of human, vehicle, and environmental factors.

  • Vehicle: Some vehicles contribute to accidents due to improper maintenance, failed repairs, and vehicle defects such as bad brakes.
  • Environmental: Poorly maintained pavement, adverse weather, and confusing traffic patterns often contribute to accidents.
  • Human: Vehicle operators are usually the most significant factor in causing an accident. Risky behaviors that prevent drivers from reacting to the road surface, weather, traffic, or mechanical emergencies, include:
  • Reckless driving
  • Falling asleep at the wheel, and driving while drug- or alcohol-impaired.

Can I Sue An Insurance Company After My Car Accident

In Massachusetts, you may be able to file a bad faith claim against an insurance company if they refuse to pay you fair compensation or deny your claim altogether. This is not applicable in Connecticut.

Sometimes, filing a lawsuit might make the most sense for getting the money you rightfully deserve. Just because you file a lawsuit does not automatically mean you’ll receive the compensation you’re entitled to, however. That’s why it’s critical to have an experienced car accident attorney on your side with actual courtroom experience who truly understands how the legal system works.

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Do I Have To File A Lawsuit To Get A Massachusetts Auto Accident Settlement

You have three years to work out a settlement with the responsible partys insurer, but that does not always happen. Insurers sometimes refuse to pay. They do not always make fair compensation offers when they decide to pay. When you realize that you may never reach a fair settlement, a lawsuit may be your best option.

Do I Have To Talk To The Other Driver’s Car Insurance Company

Boston Personal Injury Lawyer – Jason Stone Injury Lawyers – Better Phone Stone – 888-958-0720

No. If an employee for the other driver’s insurance company contacts you, do not answer their questions. Even if the person’s questions seem simple, be aware that anything you say can be used against you by the insurance company. As a result, you could receive significantly less in financial compensation or have your claim denied altogether.

You should politely decline to answer all questions and direct the insurance company to contact your attorney. We know all the tricks they play. We know what to say and how to help accident victims obtain maximum compensation.

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What Is The Most Common Type Of Car Accident

The NHTSA tracks data for all accident types. Their recent statistics documented these national trends:

  • Nationally, rear-end impacts caused 594,000 injuries, more than other accident types.
  • Rear-end impacts also led to 2,439 fatal car accidents.
  • Angled impacts caused 6,037 fatalities, more than other types of accidents. Angled impacts caused 515,000 injuries nationwide.

Massachusetts Car Accident Attorneys

Car accidents happen everywhere. They happen in the biggest cities and the most rural of towns. They happen to people driving somewhere for the first time. They also happen to people who are driving on the same route they take every day. Where an accident happens doesnt change the fact that drivers are supposed to drive carefully and avoid doing things that make the roads more dangerous for others.

How to Pick a Car Accident Lawyer

There are many factors that go into picking a lawyer to represent you.

First, and most importantly, is experience. You want an attorney who has experience dealing with your types of claims. In business since 1964, the attorneys at Marcotte Law Firm have handled tens of thousands of car accident claims. There is almost no type of accident that we havent seen before. Whether its a rear end accident, a pedestrian accident, or even a motorcycle accident, we have seen them all. Similarly, we have seen every type of injury, ranging from minor neck sprains to fatal car accidents.

Second, you want an attorney who you are comfortable with. Effective representation is built on the ability of a lawyer and client to communicate. If you dont feel comfortable with that, even the best lawyers can miss something. At Marcotte Law Firm, all our attorneys follow in the footsteps of our founder, Albert Marcotte. His ability to relate to and make his clients feel at ease has been the driving force behind the growth of his practice.

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Serving All Of Massachusetts Including Boston Ma And All Towns And Cities Including: Abington Sharon Milford Somerset Andover Fitchburg Millbury Somerville Millis Southampton Arlington Foxborough Millville Framingham Milton Southbridge Attleboro Stoughton New Bedford Swansea Taunton North Attleboro Boston Harvard Northfield Uxbridge Braintree Hingham Norwell Walpole Bridgewater Norwood Waltham Brockton Canton West Bridgewater Lawrence Plainfield Concord Danvers Dartmouth Dedham Dighton Quincy Woburn East Bridgewater Scituate Wrentham Seekonk Fall River

If you are injured in a Motor Vehicle crash in Massachusetts, please consider the following tips:

1) Take pictures of all vehicles involved and the scene of the Automobile Accident

2) Never admit any fault for the accident to the other drivers in the auto wreck.

3) Obtain a Personal Injury lawyer immediately after the accident

4) Seek medical treatment for your injuries as soon as possible

5) Obtain the names and address s of all witnesses as well as operators of the other Motor Vehicles involved in the mishap.

6) Keep accurate records of all physical therapy, chiropractors, surgeons, primary care doctors, emergency room visits, urgent care facilities hospitals, massage therapists and other medical professionals that you treat with for your injury.

Legal Notice per Rules of Professional Responsibility: The Rhode Island Supreme Court and Mass. Supreme Judicial Court in Boston MA licenses all lawyers and attorneys in the general practice of law, but does not license or certify any lawyer / attorney as an expert or specialist in any field of practice. While this firm maintains joint responsibility, most cases of this type are referred to other attorneys for principle responsibility.

Slepkow MA Injury Lawyer

How Long Do You Have To File A Lawsuit After A Car Accident

Personal Injury Law Firm

In Connecticut, the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit or taking other legal action is two years from the date of your accident. In Massachusetts, the statute of limitations is three years.

That might seem like a long time, but building a strong legal case often takes a lot longer. The longer you wait to take legal action, the more difficult it becomes to find the facts you need to build a strong legal case. Without supporting evidence, you likely won’t get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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The Attorneys To Contact For Legal Cases Regarding Car Accidents

When you become the victim of a personal injury case related to a car accident, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Here at The Danvers Law Offices, LLC, we understand that you might be hesitant about the litigation process associated with your case, however, we encourage you to contact our law office in Danvers, MA for a free initial consultation to discuss all of your options. If youve sustained damage because of a car accident that was not your fault, it is important to know your rights.

How We Can Help Your Car Accident Claim

Working with a car accident attorney can have a positive effect on the outcome of your case. Our car accident lawyers and staff will be committed to you throughout the duration of your case, putting in the effort and energy it takes to pursue a favorable case outcome.

Our services include:

If you need anything at all during the process, our lawyers will be here to serve you. An experienced car accident attorney can guide you through the many steps of presenting your case.

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Auto Accidents In Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation documented 140,410 vehicle crashes during 2019. The statewide crash portal lists 99,743 as non-injury accidents. The numbers are not as positive as they seem.

Statistics also show 33,168 confirmed or suspected injuries. Some victims sustained fatal injuries. Others have medical issues with the potential to cause life-changing consequences.

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