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Herniated Disc Injury Settlements With Steroid Injections Texas

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Types Of Surgery In The Cervical And Lumbar Spine

How Much Are Herniated Disc Injury Cases Worth? Understanding the Settlement Value of Your Claim.
  • Anterior discectomy and fusion: the disk material is removed through an incision at the front of the neck, and the affected discs are stabilized by fusing them with adjoining discs
  • Posterior laminectomy and fusion: the disk material is removed through an incision in the lower back , and the affected discs are stabilized by fusing them with adjoining discs
  • Microdiscectomy: is a surgical procedure used to relieve nerve compression caused when a damaged disc is putting pressure on the adjacent nerve root

The Trigger Point Injections For Herniated Discs Injuries

A trigger point injection is a pain management option where local anesthetics and steroid injections are introduced in muscle areas with trigger points. The trigger points are painful knots in the muscles that typically form if the muscle cannot relax.

A trigger point injection effectively relieves pain from disc herniation problems, though three or more injections in the same area are not recommended.

After administering a trigger point injection, patients must refrain from engaging in strenuous activities for a few days. Patients can expect pain relief 24 hours after the procedure. In most cases, frequent injections will be required as pain relief can last for only about a month.

Herniated Disc Settlements: How Much Can I Expect For My Back Injury

Accidents can be a pain in the neckliterally. They can also cause significant back pain if you suffer a herniated disc from an accident.

A disc herniation, is a type of spinal injury, which affects about two out of a hundred people in a given year. A herniated disc, also known as a ruptured disc, can cause disabling symptoms that last for weeks, months or even years. During that time, you may be unable to work and perform your usual duties around the house. You may additionally require extensive medical care, including diagnostic tests, physical therapy, injections, surgery, and medications.

These costs can add up quick. If the accident wasnt your fault, somebody else may be on the hook for your herniated disc costs. But insurance claims and lawsuits involving an injured disc can be tricky. You cant afford to be sidelined with a herniated disc injury. And if your claim is contested, you cant afford to hire the wrong law firm. Hire The Texas Hammer from the start and get the outcome you deserve.

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Herniated Disc Injury Settlements With Steroid Injection

If you have a herniated disc and need an injection for pain management, this has the potential to increase your overall settlement in court, but only if you know how to file and handle your case.

In this article you will learn:

What a herniated disc is

What steroid injections are

How steroid injections affect your herniated disc injury settlement

Average payouts for herniated disc injury cases with steroid injections

Keep reading on below to see how much your herniated disc case could potentially be worth if your treatment plan includes steroid injections.

Why Choosing The Right Injury Lawyer Matters

The nature of herniated disc injuries can complicate the injury claims process. A common defense tactic is to argue that a herniated disc was not caused by an accident, but was due to disc degeneration, which is present to some degree in almost everyone after age 40. Defense attorneys also like to claim that, because a herniated disc causes no pain in some patients, it cant possibly be the cause of pain in your situation. In both cases, the defense often hires medical experts that are friendly to the defenses case.

Even if you have a preexisting back condition like degenerative spinal changes, and even if you have a dormant disc herniation that becomes active only after an accident, you can still be awarded a herniated disc settlement or verdict. But you need a tough, skilled attorney that will stand up to the defense, hire their own experts, and fight for you. You need The Texas Hammer. For a free case review, to get started.

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$260000 Settlement For Disc Protrusions And Lamina Fracture

Here is a video about this $260K settlement for disc protrusions with a steroid injection.

The actual crash diagram from the police report is below:

Ray was driving an Uber in Miami, Florida. He had a passenger. Ray was in Vehicle 2 in the above diagram.

A company van was heading in the opposite direction. The van made a left hand turn.

The front of the van collided with the left driver side of the Uber drivers car. You can see the damage to the car that Ray was driving :

The van wasnt as badly damaged. Check out the photo below:

At the hospital, the MRI of the Uber drivers back showed two disc protrusions. Ive labeled them here:

They showed a L4-5 left paracentral disc protrusion with some indentation on the thecal sac with moderate subarticular recess stenosis on the left.

It also showed a L5-S1 left paracentral disc protrusion, which abuts against the thecal sac and may abut against the exiting nerve root on the left.

The doctor at the hospital called these protrusions bulging discs. They did not call refer to them as herniated discs. However, some doctor use the term disc protrusion when referring to a herniated disc.

While at the hospital Ray searched for an Uber accident lawyer in Miami.

Months after Ray left the hospital, he had one epidural steroid injection to his lower back.

He also had a fracture of the lamina of his T3 vertebrae.

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Jury found Plaintiff sustained a permanent injury and awarded him $35,515 in damages. $83,647 Verdict: Plaintiff injured in an intersectional accident. Plaintiff claimed five herniated cervical discs as a result of the crash. Doctors claimed that one of the Plaintiffs herniated cervical discs will need future surgery.

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$210k Settlement For Herniated Discs

We settled a case for $210,000 for a Florida truck driver who was rear ended in Georgia. He was injured while working. Commercial Risk Management, Inc. was the workers compensation servicing agent who paid for his medical bills and most of his lost wages.

He claimed that the crash caused or aggravated his herniated discs.

He also had a shoulder labrum surgery. When a Florida resident is hurt in an auto accident in another state, he has to deal with the laws of at least two states.

Can A Disc Protrusion Be Painful

What Is The Settlement Value Of A Herniated Disc In A Personal Injury Case?


Send Claims Adjuster CT scan and/or MRI films

If you are diagnosed with a herniated disc, you should immediately request the MRI or CT scan of your neck or back. You should then mail or send this disc to the claims adjuster.

The claims adjuster may hire a radiologist to read the films and determine whether he feels that you have a herniated disc.

Settlement value of pain and suffering for a herniated disc caused by an accident in Florida, or on a cruise ship or boat.

This article applies to Florida herniated disc claims for many types of accidents. I wrote separate articles on:

This article also applies to the personal injury portion of your claim if you are hurt while working and you also have a personal injury claim.

This article applies to seamen or crew who suffer an injury while on a boat or ship.

Full Case Values May Not Apply to Workers Compensation Claims

Some of this article does not apply if you only have a Florida workers compensation claim.

Radiating symptoms are known as radiculopathy, which means that pain is extending to the arms and/or legs.

Case Can Be Serious Even Without Radiating Pain Dont Listen to the Adjuster!

I do not accept this argument. Claims adjusters often tell me that my clients case is not serious because he or she does not have radicular symptoms.

Radiating Pain Generally is Worth More

It is important to itemize damages from past cases so that you can know the going settlement rate for a typical herniated disc.

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Symptoms Of A Herniated Disc May Not Happen Overnight

If youve been involved in an accident, you may not feel the symptoms of a herniated disc right away.

Even if you are treated in the emergency room after your accident, your herniated disc won’t show up on a physical exam.

You probably wont get diagnosed with a herniated disc because emergency rooms generally use a CT scan and those types of injuries are usually found on an MRI.

Most herniated discs occur in the lower back, although they can also occur in the neck. Signs and symptoms depend on where the disc is situated and whether the disc is pressing on a nerve.

The most commonly reported symptoms are sudden and intense pain in the lower region of the back, numbness in the legs, debilitating pain in the hips, leg pain, and muscle weakness.

It is very important for your health and your injury claim that you follow all medical advice.

Get Experienced Legal Representation On Your Side

If a negligent driver caused the crash that left you hurt, you shouldnt have to pay for your medical bills and other losses. But the negligent driver in your accident may deny doing anything wrong even if that driver was clearly speeding, texting, or being reckless on the road. An insurance company may try to minimize your injury and the effect it has had on your life, just so they can pay you less.

We think you deserve better. Our legal team can investigate your crash to get the facts about what really happened. We carefully review accident reports and medical records. We interview witnesses and, if needed, consult accident reconstruction experts. Our lawyers build strong cases that insurance companies have to take seriously.

This type of injury can have many names a herniated disc in the back, a bulging disc in the neck, an L5-S1 disc herniation, or a slipped disc. Whatever the name, you deserve compensation. Our lawyers will fight to help you recover a herniated disc settlement after a car accident, or take your case to court. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Herniated Disc Injury Settlements With Steroid Injections

July 2, 2019 By Scott D. Grossman

A herniated disc is a type of injury typically caused by car accidents. The impact of the crash can exert pressure on the body including the spine. Too much pressure on the spine can tear and rupture your spinal discs the cushions or pads of your spine. If you or someone you know suffers from a herniated disc because of a car crash, and you believe there is a liable or negligent party, then hire an attorney to help you handle the case. The following sections will give you more information about handling herniated disc injury settlements.

Acdf Surgery Raises Full Case Value

An ACDF surgery generally increases the full value of the personal injury case.

Herniated Disc Can Cause Sciatica

A herniated disc can lead to sciatica or back pain. The image below shows the sciatic nerve.

People that are injured sometimes call a herniated disc a slipped disc, though doctors do not use this term.

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Herniated Discs From Taxi

$43,000.00 Settlement in Michigan: An adult male suffered multiple injuries, including disc herniations, when his car was hit by a taxi. Police officers found that the cab driver was entirely at fault for the accident.

The plaintiff suffered severe injuries that required him to see different medical professionals, including a chiropractor and a physical therapist.

His physicians recommend steroid injections amongst other treatment programs to alleviate symptoms. The herniated discs were treated with steroid injections, amongst other treatments.

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Epidural SteroidInjections : Is a nonsurgical treatment for managing radiculopathy caused by disc herniation or degenerative changes in the vertebrae. Steroids are injected directly into the epidural space of the spine. The goal of ESI is to relieve pain, improve function, and improve quality of.

The settlements for injury claims involving herniated discs at C4/C5 or C5/C6 vary greatly throughout the country. The median jury verdict is about $80,000, but the average jury verdict is somewhere around $360,000. These figures tell us that there are some very high jury verdicts and some very low jury verdicts for herniated disc cases. Epidural Steroid Injection Treatments for Pain Relief after a serious Car Accident San Antonio injury attorney discusses ESI treatment. … Because of the violent nature of most car accidents, there are many accident victims that suffer from spine injuries, such as herniated discs. Living with this type of disc injury is very painful, and.

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Treatment For Herniated Disc Injury

Treatment for a herniated disc injury will depend on the specific kind of herniation that you have, how many herniations you have and whether there is a rupture or a slip.

Exercise, injections, bed rest, walking, physical therapy and surgery are all options for treating your herniated disc injury.

The more intensive and invasive the treatment, such as a steroid injection, the more likely it is that you will have a higher payout in your settlement.

What Is A Herniated Disc Injury

Severe Lumbar Herniated Disc With Spinal Canal Stenosis Patient Trying To Prevent Surgery

The spine is made up of bones called vertebrae that are stacked up on top of each other. There are five sections in the spinal column:

There is a disc between each vertebra that is made of cartilage, with a thick and rubbery outer layer and a jelly-like material inside. These discs allow the spinal column to be flexible and function as shock absorbers. A herniated disc is a tear or rupture in one of the discs.

Can a car accident cause disc herniation? Easily. There is a tremendous amount of force on the back during a collision. This can result in a tear in the disc and the jelly-like material inside leaks out. This injury is also sometimes referred to as a ruptured disc, slipped disc, bulging disc, or torn disc.

A herniated disc can occur anywhere along the spinal column, from the neck area to the lower back. It is also possible for more than one disc to be affected. The symptoms of a herniated disc include pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness.

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Diagnosis And Treatment Of A Herniated Disc After A Car Accident

It can be difficult to diagnose a herniated disc injury. You may need imaging tests such as an X-ray, CT scan, or MRI. A doctor may order a myelogram, in which a special dye is injected into the spinal fluid before an X-ray is taken. Another diagnostic test that may be used is an electromyogram to measure electrical activity in response to nerve stimulation.

Treatment for a herniated disc can depend on many different factors, including the severity of your injury. It may include rest, prescription or over-the-counter pain medication, epidural cortisone injections, and physical therapy. If the injury is severe, surgery may be needed, such as:

  • Laminectomy Part of the vertebra near the herniated disc is removed or trimmed to allow more space for spinal nerves.
  • Microdiscectomy Part of the herniated disc that is causing pain is removed.
  • Artificial disc replacement The disc is replaced with an artificial disc.
  • Fusion surgery Two or more vertebrae are fused together.

A herniated disc injury can impact your life physically and financially. You may not be able to work because of your back pain or take part in your usual activities. This type of injury can make it much more difficult for you to bend down, lift objects, pull or push. While there is treatment for a herniated disc, medical expenses can become overwhelming. This can lead to financial stress.

How Much Does A Steroid Injection Increase Settlement

Steroid injections are anti-inflammatory medicines used in treating a wide range of health conditions, from joint pains to inflammatory bowel disease. Many healthcare professionals administer steroids to reduce inflammation in areas affected by herniated disc injury.

Steroids effectively take pressure off affected areas in the spine, relieving the patient from pain. Doctors typically recommend steroid injections for patients with herniated disc injury before reassessing and recommending further treatment.

Have you resorted to steroid injection to relieve pain due to herniated disc? The personal injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC can increase your case settlement if someone elses negligence caused your damages.

Get a free no-obligation consultation through our contact form or call our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at 424-5757 . All confidential or sensitive information you share with our legal team remains private through an attorney-client relationship.

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Neck And Back Injuries Result In $1800000 Pain And Suffering Award Approved By Appellate Court Despite Lack Of Surgery

On July 28, 2005, James Coleman was working as a subway track worker repairing tracks for the New York City Transit Authority . He was on a hydraulic lift platform that collapsed causing him to fall 25 feet to the ground below.

Workers on a hydraulic lift:

Coleman sued the TA for the serious injuries he sustained to his neck and back, including multiple bulging and herniated discs.

New Yorks Labor Law Section 240 generally imposes absolute liability upon premises owners when a worker engaged in repair work is injured in a height related fall due to inadequate safety devices. Accordingly, summary judgment was granted to Coleman in 2007 and his case proceeded to a damages only trial in 2008.

On November 7, 2008, a Bronx County jury awarded Coleman pain and suffering damages in the sum of $2,100,000 . The TA appealed, successfully arguing that the award was excessive.

MRI reports showed that Coleman sustained the following spinal disc injuries:

  • herniated disc at C4-5,
  • bulging annulus fibrosis at C5-6
  • herniated disc at L5-S1.

The defense doctors and attorney argued that plaintiffs injuries were minor and any significant complaints of pain or disability he had were due only to degenerative changes in his spine.

EMG testing and nerve conduction studies, though, showed nerve injuries radiculopathy at C5 and C7.

Plaintiff testified as to his current pain and limitations:

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