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Steve Barnes of law firm Cellino & Barnes, killed in plane crash in New York

If a fair settlement cannot be reached by negotiation, injury lawyers in Buffalo, NY will represent their client in court. Experienced personal injury attorneys are well versed in all aspects of personal injury law and will ensure that all court procedures and customs are followed. In court, law firms present all the evidence pertaining to liability and damage amounts in order to secure a fair settlement for the victim.

At Cellino Law, we offer a free consultation to accident victims in the Buffalo, NY area to discuss the merits of their case, whether its a slip and fall injury, motor vehicle accidents, or a tragic case of wrongful death. Cellino law has the experience necessary to successfully litigate all personal injury practice areas. Take the first step to getting the justice you deserve by calling Cellino Law at 714-0464.

Hen Barnes Injury Attorney Behind Cellino & Barnes Tv Commercials Killed In Plane Crash

Attorney Stephen Barnes of the famous Cellino & Barnes law firm died Friday when the small plane he was piloting crashed in upstate New York.

It is with great sadness that I learned of the tragic passing of Steve Barnes in a plane crash, Barnes longtime partner, Ross Cellino, said in a statement to The Buffalo News. Steve and I worked together for many years at our firm. He was always a fearless advocate for his clients. His passing is a significant loss for the legal community.

Barnes niece was aboard the plane with Barnes, the paper reported, and also died in the crash. Barnes wife, Ruth, told the Buffalo News that the pair was heading to a birthday party for his mother in Buffalo when the accident occurred.

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At a press briefing earlier Friday, Genesee County Sheriff William Sheron said the plane a six-passenger Socata TBM700 was pretty much disintegrated as a result of the crash. The National Transportation Safety Board has opened an investigation into the incident.

Cellino & Barnes, described as absurdly ubiquitous in a recent New York magazine profile, rose to fame in the New York area with prolific advertising, including billboards and TV ads featuring a much-parodiedjingle. Barnes and Cellino parted ways earlier this year.

All of us at Cellino and Barnes are deeply saddened. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Barnes family during this difficult time, Cellino said.

Cellino & Barnes Iconic New York Injury Attorneys Are Splitting Up

If youve watched television in the tri-state area, then you know Ross Cellino Jr. and Stephen Barnes.

So, prepare your fragile heart: The duo is breaking up.

The injury attorneys have long been known for their catchy commercials and the accompanying jingle that implores viewers to call them at 888-8888. Want to get that cash money after an accident? Call Cellino & Barnes.

Well, dont call them now. Theyre going through a very rough patch.

Civil court documents were filed on Wednesday in New York State Supreme Court indicating that Cellino is suing his legal partner, Barnes, and their law firm together Cellino & Barnes in an effort to dissolve the firm.


Cellinos attorney, Terry Connors told a CBS affiliate that on that matter, but Barnes is scheduled to appear in court on May 19.

Mr. Barnes and the firm plans to aggressively oppose the dissolution papers filed by Mr. Celino however, we reiterate that regardless of the outcome, the firm will continue to do business in the many markets we serve, the law firm stated in a press release posted to Twitter by Berkeley Brean, a reporter for News 10NBC in Rochester.

Were not the only ones upset about this heartbreaking news, either. Twitter is distraught too:

Cellino and Barnes are breaking up!? They may be injury attorneys, but they can’t mend my broken heart

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Cellino & Barnes Splitting

Cellino and Barnes, known around the country for their famous dont wait call 8 commercial jingle, is heading into a ugly split up. Made up of personal injury lawyers Ross M. Cellino Jr. and Stephen Barnes, the two have been long time partners in legal practice until only recently. According to Buffalo station WGRZ-TV, the dispute began with Cellino filing a lawsuit against Barnes in New York State Supreme Court to dissolve the firm, ending a 30 year partnership. The partners have law offices across New York state, and in Los Angeles, Oakland, and in San Diego.

Cellino later presented his petition to file to the court which contained eight pages showing the areas in which Cellinoa and Barnes have disagreed. Some of these disagreements included in the suit was compensation for the firms employees, new hires, policies on screening potential cases, the election of the corporations officers, and marketing and expansion strategies. The petition also showed that Cellino and Barnes are equal partners, sharing 50 percent of shares in the company. For this reason, the companys board of directors has been made effectively useless. This fact is solidified in the petition which states:

Given that the shares of capital stock are equally divided between petitioner Cellino and respondent Barnes, the shareholders are so divided that the votes required for the election of directors cannot be obtained, and it is impossible to select a new board of directors,

  • Millions Recovered

  • What Are Some Other Noteworthy Facts About Cellino And Barnes The Attorneys

    People are sad about end of Cellino &  Barnes JINGLE

    Barnes was known as the brains and the marketing expert. Insiders say he was a driven man, whereas Cellino was more laid back and go with the flow. Cellino asserted that Barnes was basically a control freak. According to papers filed with the court, Cellino maintains that in one of the many shouting matches between the two, Barnes screamed at him,

    Researching more deeply into the partnership, and the players, it is possible that a rift may have developed after Cellino was forced to fall on the sword over State Bar ethics violations entered against the couple around circa 2005. Apparently, only Cellino was suspended from the New York Bar, and publicly admonished by the New York State Bars Grievance Committee. Although Barnes had previously been issued a letter of caution , he did not receive public censure.

    Cellino got nailed with the State Bar Ethics Charge and even a suspension from the practice of law on his official State Bar Public Record. Although Barnes contacted hospitalized accident victims and loaned non-case expense related money to clients, Barnes escaped discipline.

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    The Most Dangerous Intersections In Buffalo Ny

    In 2020, over 7,500 traffic accidents occurred in Buffalo. According to the Federal Highway Administration , more than 50 percent of fatal and injury crashes occur at or near intersections.

    The 10 intersections listed below are among the most dangerous in Buffalo based on Erie County crash statistics:

  • East Ferry Street And Humboldt Parkway
  • State Highway 5 And Church Street
  • Broadway Street And Bailey Avenue
  • Bailey Avenue And Seneca Street
  • East Delavan Avenue And Bailey Avenue
  • Walden Avenue And Bailey Avenue
  • Genesee Street And Bailey Avenue
  • Clinton Street And Bailey Avenue
  • Sheridan Drive And Delaware Avenue
  • Sheridan Drive And North Forest Road
  • The Cellino And Barnes Fight Eventually Escalated To A Restraining Order

    Things got very real when, in July 2017, Barnes requested a restraining order against Cellino. Why? He stated that Cellino tried to “poach” and “pirate” lawyers from the firm. Barnes also alleged that Cellino was “engaging in a pattern of conduct which has caused and continues to cause catastrophic damage to C& B, its reputation, and its brand.” Apparently, Cellino was telling employees that it was better for their careers if they worked for a firm called simply “Cellino,” since “Barnes” wasn’t as catchy of a name.

    A post shared by Anew on Mar 7, 2020 at 9:34pm PST

    “Another statement that Ross made to the attorneys and employees during his pitch was that the ‘Cellino’ name was ‘better’ than the ‘Barnes’ name analogizing our firm to Harley-Davidson and telling people ‘no one ever calls their motorcycle a Davidson,’ ” Barnes apparently wrote in court papers. Rude!

    Another issue that Barnes brought up was that, due to Cellino’s behavior, upset clients were calling the firm and fretting over how their ongoing cases would be treated. On top of this, Cellino apparently attempted to stop the firm from wiring or transferring funds, which would mean employees wouldn’t be able to get paid.

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    Buffalo Weather Is Pretty Fair

    The climate of Buffalo is temperate much of the year. There are months in winter that can be challenging, though. Summer can present a similar frustration but for the opposite reason. Put simply, its hot and dry in July and August and cold and wet in January and February.

    These temperatures can bring abundant sunshine or enchanting snow. Both can add to beautiful scenery, but they can also create hardships and dangers when traveling. Depending on the type of weather you prefer, it might be the factor that tests whether Buffalo is a nice city or not.

    The Cellino & Barnes Offices In California Finally Change Names

    Law Firm Cellino & Barnes Jingle Is Now Center of Viral Challenge

    The lawyers finally made their split a bit more official . In October 2017, Cellino was able to get Barnes from using the original firm’s name as well as the 888-8888 number. The Cellino & Barnes firm simply became The Barnes Firm , but we’ll get to that in a sec! The Barnes Firm still exists , and you can hire an attorney for your personal injuries today!

    A post shared by Erin Murray on Nov 28, 2019 at 10:13am PST

    As for Cellino? He stayed in New York, as he no longer was a stockholder in the California offices. “It would have been unethical for them to continue using my name. I wish Steve well in California. I am happy to stay in Buffalo, Rochester and in the New York City area,” Cellino stated.

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    Is Rochester Ny A Growing City

    Population changes are dependent on a number of factors. For example, economic changes, population age, and immigration rates can all have an effect on population growth or decline in any given region. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many areas across the United States saw huge changes in population some growing substantially and some shrinking considerably.

    According to census.gov, 17 states recorded a population loss between 2020 and 2021. Of them, 11 had losses of over 10,000 people, which was a historically large number. In fact, New York State saw the largest population decline of all the states during that same period. Within 1 year alone, the population dropped by more than 300,000 people, many of whom left New York City.

    While Rochester was one of the many areas that saw a decline in population during the pandemic, the general trend in the past decades has been a slight but gradual increase in population since the turn of the century.

    When discussing population, its important to make the difference between the population of a city and its metropolitan area. For example, while the City of Rochester has a population of just over 210,000, the metropolitan area is nearly 5 times as large at just over 1 million.

    Between 2010 and 2020, the Rochester metropolitan area saw a population growth of 1.1 percent. When comparing the data of the six counties, though, there is a huge variation in the numbers.

    King Barnes Is Dead Long Live The King

    New York lawyer Stephen Barnes, a giant of a personality and achievement, passed away yesterday in an airplane crash with his 32-year-old niece, Elizabeth. News reports aver they were on a private aircraft, flying to a birthday party in Buffalo NY, on behalf of Barnes mother. Barnes is a registered pilot. It appears Barnes was at the controls of his single-engine Socata TBM 700. Most of us in the PI profession recognize the name Cellino & Barnes Injury Attorneys. And some of us are familiar with the volatile relationship between the corporations partners, Ross Cellino and decedent Barnes.

    The authorities have alleged no foul play, and it looks like a pilot or mechanical error as the probable cause of the airplane crash losing all hands aboard. Barnes flight path was Manchester to New Hampshire, to Buffalo when the bird fell from the sky and crashed in the woods in Corfu, close by to Pembroke, N.Y., at or about 11:45 a.m., yesterday, Friday.

    I have a natural affection for Stephen Barnes, the man. Having just lost my father, I wanted to praise this man critically, that is not disrespectful, but keeping with the facts, and wherever they may lead. Knowing he was a Marine helps me understand his philosophy because it is mine. Said philosophy is simple, lead, follow, or get out of the way, just like my U.S. Marine father before me.

    This man was a real Clint Eastwood, but also an officer and a gentleman.

    Moving along, in a public statement this morning, Cellino stated:

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    Negotiate With Insurance Companies

    Insurance companies are often involved in personal injury claims in Western New York and throughout the city. An insurance company is motivated to settle for the least amount of money they possibly can, even if the amount is less than the victim deserves. Personal injury lawyers protect victims from these low-ball offers from the insurance company by negotiating a settlement that is in the best interest of their client. Insurance companies want to avoid the expense of going to court, while at the same time, minimizing their liability. Experienced Buffalo personal injury lawyers are not intimidated by insurance adjusters and arent afraid to take a case to court if it is in their clients best interest.

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    Cellino maintains that Looney should receive no more than one percent of the fee, and the rest should go to Cellino Law and the Barnes Firm.

    On Tuesday, Looney filed a statement with the court that included harsh criticism for his former boss, Cellino.

    Looney accused Cellino of being obsessed with cash flow problems at his new law firm. Looney alleged that Cellino repeatedly pushed him and other lawyers to settle their personal injury cases to increase revenues for the firm.

    Cellino denied Looneys allegations in a statement he sent to The Buffalo News on Friday.

    We never, and I repeat, never settle a case for less than full value, Cellino said. We pride ourselves on doing what is best for our clients and fighting hard for them.

    Looney said he left Cellino Law in November because he was upset over Cellinos anxiety and paranoia over revenues generated by the firm. He alleged that Cellinos sole concentration was on the money he was spending.

    Ross Cellino’s paranoia eventually morphed into outright panic. He would walk around the office to remind the attorneys to settle more cases, so he could advertise more, so the phone would ring more, Looney said in his sworn statement.

    Ross Cellino expressed concern over money on a regular basis, often saying, I am having severe cash flow problems. I am not sure we are going to make it as a firm, Looney said.

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    Best Practices For Encountering Intersections

    Please remember these additional tips when you encounter intersections:

    • Signal your intention to turn with blinkers or hand signals
    • Reduce your speed when approaching an intersection
    • Yield the right-of-way to emergency vehicles, such as fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars
    • Watch for traffic heading toward you from the left or the lane you intend to cross
    • Practice judging the speed and distance of different vehicles, such as motorcycles and semi-trailers

    Though many factors are out of a drivers control, negligent or reckless driving can turn any intersection into an accident scene. Be cautious and avoid unnecessary risks as you drive in Buffalo, New York. The legal team at Cellino Law wishes you safe travels.

    Over $2 Billion In Settlements*

    If you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury in Rochester, NY, then youll need a skilled personal injury attorney by your side. At Cellino Law, our attorneys have decades of hard-fought experience in and out of the courtroom to help ensure you receive the compensation youre entitled to after an accident. Contact us today for your free case evaluation.

    * Cellino has obtained millions in recoveries for clients and has supervised over $2 Billion Dollars in Settlements

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    Cellino Said He Wanted To Burn Barnes’s Offices To The Ground

    Plot twist, much? In November 2017, Cellino stated, “I don’t give a f*ck, I will burn the place to the ground and start over with one lawyer. I have the resources. F*ck it, f*ck Steve and f*ck Daryl. Let all these f*cking lawyers spend the next 20 years with Steve.” This is after someone sent a package of mystery powder to Cellino & Barnes in Buffalo . Nothing was actually wrong with the package, and it was unclear who sent it.

    Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer In Buffalo New York

    Cellino Barnes Car Accident Attorneys

    When a loved one can no longer care for themselves at home, sometimes the difficult decision is made to place family members in a care facility. Families trust that the care center and its employees will be competent, professional and kind. When that trust is broken and nursing home abuse occurs, it can be devastating to everyone involved.

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    Buffalo Admiralty & Maritime Law Firm

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