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Average Attorney Fee For Personal Injury

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How Hourly Fee Agreements Work

Attorney Fees in Injury and Car Accident Claims

Occasionally, a personal injury lawyer will prefer to be paid through an hourly fee agreement but this is much less common. In this case, a lawyer has a set hourly rate. The client then pays the attorney a deposit and signs a contract agreeing to the rate. The attorney will send the client itemized statements of the time spent on the case.

The deposit is moved from the clients trust account as the attorney works through it. When the funds are exhausted, the attorney either requires another deposit or sends the client monthly bills to be paid.

Hourly fee agreements are common in criminal defense and family law cases. In personal injury cases, however, they are rare, and contingency fee agreements are used much more often.

What Is The Average Percentage For Attorney Fees In Las Vegas

The average percentage for attorneys contingency fees for personal injury cases in the state of Nevada ranges between 33% to 40% of the plaintiffs settlement, in additional to being responsible for related case costs.

Nevada law requires that all contingency agreements be made in writing. A verbal agreement will not suffice.

In addition, contingency agreements should, at a minimum, include the following provisions:

  • How the fee is calculated, including the percentages owed to the attorney in the event of settlement, trial, or appeal and
  • If litigation fees are deducted from the settlement amount andwhether the client is liable for the expenses regardless of the case outcome
  • Once the case is either settled or dismissed, the attorney must provide the client with an outline of the case as well as a settlement statement along with an outline of fees due to the attorney. This fee will typically include a contingency fee alongside any costs incurred.

    Court costs encompass all of the expenses the attorney incurred in preparing the case. Typical examples include:

    • Court reporters fees for depositions, including a reporters fee for a certified copy of each deposition jurors fees, witness fees, pretrial hearing fees, and expenses
    • Interpreters fees
    • Process server fees
    • Reasonable costs for printed copies, digital copies, postage, and travel and lodging in relation to deposition costs
    • Court fees for filings

Contingency Fees For Medical Liability Claims

Article 1 §26 of the Florida Constitution sets contingency fee guidelines for medical injury cases. It outlines legal fees that are based on the injured persons right to fair compensation.

Any reasonable and customary costs an attorney expends on a clients behalf are recoverable over and above the amounts described in the constitution. For a medical liability claim, an attorney may charge:

  • 30 percent of any damages up to 250,000 dollars and
  • 10 percent of all damages over 250,000 dollars

If they choose, an injured client may permit their attorney to collect a larger percentage of their recovered medical liability damages. Clients must sign any fee increase agreement for it to be valid.

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Who Gets Paid When My Case Is Resolved

If we successfully resolve the matter by settlement or verdict, the first step is to deduct any cash that the firm has paid to advance your matter. These costs usually start with the filing fee of your complaint required by the Court, the money we pay to the service provider to serve the complaint on the defendant, fees paid to court reporters to generate deposition transcripts, filing fees for motions to the court house, mileage fees, copying, faxes, expert fees, overnight delivery fees, etc. In other words, any instance that the firm spends money on your case , we keep a ledger for every matter.

When the case is over, the total cash outlay is first deducted from the gross settlement or verdict. Once the firm has been made whole for its parts , it is now time to compensate the firm for its labor .

In a personal injury matter, 33.33 percent is then deducted from the net settlement that represents the firms fee. This is so no matter how much time the firm has put into your case, and whether or not the firm has lost money or made money on the value of its hourly time. That means that if the firm spends $100,000 of time in a case that resolves for $60,000 and therefore the firms fee is only $20,000, then thats the way it is. The firm has lost four-fifths of its investment in time, though were still glad that we were able to resolve the matter well for you.

Because the firm takes risks in every case, this all evens out over the long haul.

What Is Required In A Contingency Fee Agreement

What is the Average Attorney Fee in a Personal Injury Case?

The Virginia State Bar provides several requirements for a valid contingency fee agreement.

A contingency fee agreement must state in writing:

  • The method of the fee is to be determined, including the percentage that goes to the lawyer in the event of settlement, trial, appeal, and other expenses
  • A determination of whether expenses are deducted before or after calculating the contingency fee.

Upon conclusion of the contingency fee matter, the lawyer must provide the client with a written statement stating the outcome.

If there is a recovery, the agreement must show the sum provided to the client.

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% Of The Settlement Was For Pain And Suffering

Here is a pie graph that shows the breakdown between pain and suffering and medical bills:

As you can see from the pie graph above, 94% of the settlement was for pain and suffering. About 6% of the settlement was for medical bills.

After my contingency fees and costs, paying Alices out of pocket medical bills and health insurance lien, she gets over $54,000. That is her portion of the settlement.

Here is a chart that shows this:

Since Alice owned a car, she used her PIP coverage to pay for her medical bills. United Auto Insurance Company was Alices auto insurer. Her out of pocket medical bills were low because Uniteds PIP paid for $10,000 of her medical bills.

The best part?

We got this payout without having to sue. This benefited my client because my attorneys fee was capped at 33 1/3% of the total settlement.

If I would have sued, my attorneys fee would have shot up to 40% of the settlement. Also, my client avoided the stress and increased costs associated with a lawsuit. I do not sue just to drive up my fees.

My client was very happy with this $90,000 settlement.

Can I Represent Myself

Of course, but that is often not a wise decision. Now, we know those percentages can seem high, but missing one small piece of evidence, especially in involved cases, can be a complete disaster. The worse your injury, the more likely you are to need an attorney.

We highly recommend that at the very least, you discuss your case with a personal injury attorney to discuss the best possible strategy for your case. Because the initial consultation is free of charge and you are under no obligation to use the legal services of the attorney for discussing the case, you have nothing to lose.

If you were recently injured and think you may need a personal injury lawyer, please give us a call at 855-633-0888 to discuss your case. Or, if you would like to learn more about our legal services before reaching out, please . Remember, there is no cost and no obligation for your consultation, so give us a call today!

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Your Lawyer Will Receive The Settlement Check

Your settlement check will probably go to your lawyer first. Your lawyer will deposit the check in a special account. Your lawyer will pay any liens against your settlement . Then your lawyer will deduct costs and expenses and legal fees consistent with your fee agreement.

For example, if you receive a settlement for $100,000, your lawyer will deduct $33,000 if you have a 33% contingency fee agreement. You will receive the remaining $67,000 in your settlement check, minus any liens and costs and expenses.

Your lawyer should provide you with an itemized list of deductions. If you have a problem with your lawyer’s bill, your local or state bar association might have a fee dispute arbitration program to help you resolve the issue.

Charges Usually Not Covered By Contingent Legal Fees

How Much are Lawyer Fees in Personal Injury Cases

Law firms incur out-of-pocket costs when handling your case. Most contingency fee agreements allow the law firm to charge you for costs on top of your contingency fee at the end of the case.

Some examples of costs include:

  • Filing fees: Courts charge a filing fee when filing a lawsuit.
  • Process servers: If you file a lawsuit, the lawyer will hire a process server to deliver the lawsuit to the defendant.
  • Delivery expenses: Your lawyer might charge you to ship boxes of documents to the insurance company or the opposing lawyer.
  • Stenographers: Stenographers record and transcribe depositions.
  • Document costs: Litigation requires your lawyer to copy documents and prepare exhibits.

You should know which costs can be billed to you before you sign a contingent fee agreement.

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Standard Personal Injury Attorney Fees

The most common fee arrangement is one-third, or 33.3 percent, with an increase to 40 percent if a lawsuit is filed. An attorneys fee must be reasonable given the difficulty of the legal issues in your case, the level of skill needed to handle those issues, and the time and effort they put into your case.

Occasionally an attorney may be willing to collect their fee percentage on a sliding scale. They might only collect 25 percent if your claim settles shortly after they send the first demand packet, up to 33 percent if negotiations continue to settlement, and 40 percent or more if your case proceeds to court.

Fees increase when a lawsuit is filed because it takes months for a case to be brought to trial and requires many more hours of the attorneys time than negotiating a settlement directly with the insurance company.

Preparing for a court trial requires discovery and litigation activities, such as:

  • Researching relevant caselaw and verdict awards
  • Preparing and filing legal pleadings
  • Attending court hearings
  • Depositions of the at-fault party and witnesses

Your attorney is obligated to do everything they can to protect your interests. A good attorney will do everything necessary to prepare for trial, even if the case will likely settle along the way.

Lawsuits settled before trial are usually for much larger amounts of compensation, precisely because the insurance company recognizes the attorney was prepared to fight.

The American Bar Association rules state, in part:

Farmer & Morris Law Pllc Works On A Contingency

When you need a personal injury attorney, you can count on our team. You will not have to pay us anything if we do not win a settlement or court award for you, and we will fight hard for your financial recovery.

For a free review of your personal injury case, call us today at or contact Rutherfordton personal injury attorney.

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How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Charge For Their Services

Lets start by explaining that charge is a bit of a misnomer here, since almost every personal injury lawyer who represents the injured person works under a contingency fee agreement. Under this arrangement, the attorney receives a fee only if the client receives compensation, in the form of a settlement or a court-ordered judgment after trial. The contingency fee is a percentage of the clients compensation. If the client doesnt get any money, neither does the attorney.

Will I Get More Money In My Pocket If I Hire A Lawyer For My Car Accident

Understanding Lawyer Fees in a Personal Injury Case

No attorney can always guarantee that the answer will be Yes.

However, lets look at a study done by the Insurance Research Council.

Here is a statistic:

The study found that people with an attorney in a car accident case got 3.5 times more for their injury case than those without a lawyer. This study suggests that you are better off getting a lawyer after a car accident.

If you are going to hire a car accident attorney , then do so quickly. There are time limits to sue. Moreover, an attorney can properly help you document your claim.

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How Much Do Lawyers Charge For Copies

Ordinary bulk-photocopying rates are anywhere from 3 to 25 cents per page-side for black and white documents, and color copies can be up to 99 cents per side. Lawyers tend to charge more for photocopying than your local copy store, so try to make copies yourself.

It’s rare to find a lawyer whose contract with you includes free copies of all the documents you may want to keep for reference. You should expect to pay lawyers a reasonable fee for bulk-copying.

However, the California Rules of Professional Conduct states that attorneys must return all the client’s original papers and property to the client at the end of the case or term of representation. The complete original file is the client’s property. Only if you’re requesting a copy of a file that’s not originally yours should you pay a photocopying fee.

Lawyer Fees On $240000 Trip And Fall Settlement

Shirley was staying at a hotel in Hollywood, Florida. While she was in the pool courtyard, she tripped over a raised edge in the walkway. She said that she didnt see it before she tripped.

Shirley had horrible shoulder pain. Paramedics came to the hotel and took her to the hospital.

There, an x-ray showed that she broke her upper arm bone .

Shortly thereafter, she searched for a hotel injury lawyer. I gave her a free consultation and she hired me.

After the fall, Shirleys friend came to the hotel. She took a photo showing that the general area was blocked off.

As you can see from the photo, yellow caution tape was put up after the fall.

I added a red arrow to the area where Shirley claimed that she tripped and fell.

Take a look:

A doctor put a plate and screws in Shirleys shoulder to fix her arm.

This is an x-ray of her plate and screws in her arm.

They used staples to sew up her arm.

You can see the staples:

Medicare paid most of her medical bills.

After a whopping 10 offers later, we settled with the hotels insurance company for over $240,000.

Heres the redacted settlement check:

We had to pay Medicare back from the $240,000 settlement.

However, Medicare was required to reduce their claim by lawyer fees and costs. This is a big benefit of hiring a lawyer.

We paid Medicare $6,543 from the settlement.

After my attorney fees, costs, and paying Medicare and Shirleys other health plans, she got $154,595 in her pocket.

Shirley gave us a 5 star review on Google Maps.

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Will You Get Less Money Than Us Or Your Doctors

We will do our best in an attempt to put as much money as possible in your pocket. Our goal is for you to get more money in your pocket than we receive as attorneys fees. We want happy clients.

That said, there is a chance that we receive the same amount of attorneys fees as you. This is much more likely to happen if you dont have health insurance. It is also more likely to happen if there is limited bodily injury liability insurance available.

Learn About The Fees And Costs Associated With Hiring A Lawyer To Handle Your Personal Injury Case

Legal advice: lawyers fees

Disagreements over costs are one of the most frequent sources of friction between personal injury lawyers and their clients.

You may save yourself considerable grief at the end of your car accident or personal injury case by getting your fee arrangement, as well as matters relating to costs and expenses of handling your case, clear at the beginning.

Caution: Get Your Fee and Expenses Agreement in Writing

A written agreement about fees protects both you and your lawyer in case you have a disagreement later about who gets how much. Most lawyers are careful about putting any fee agreement in writing, and the laws in many states require a lawyer to do so. Both you and the lawyer should sign your written agreement. If it is made on the law office’s standard form, make sure that it has been modified to reflect any specific arrangements you have made with the lawyer. The agreement should also address coststhe expenses of conducting negotiations and, if necessary, a personal injury lawsuit. Lawyers have a tendency to run up costs without thinking too much about it. And that can be a problem for you, because it is you, the client, who must pay those costs out of the settlement amount.

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How Can I Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been injured due to someone elses negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. At Riddle & Brantley, we are dedicated to helping our clients receive the maximum compensation they deserve.

Call 1-800-525-7111 for a FREE consultation with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers.

At Riddle & Brantley, we always work on contingency fee, meaning you will never pay a dime in attorney fees unless you receive compensation.

Attorney Fees On A $250000 Slip And Fall Payout

Angela was staying at a resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Thats close to Disney World and Universal Studios. She stepped into the bathtub in her hotel room.

This is the actual tub:

Seconds later, she slipped and fell.

I give lots of credit to Angelas husband for taking photos of the tub. After your fall or other accident, always take pictures and/or video of the hazard.

As a result, she broke her arm.

About17 days after her slip and fall, the hotels insurance company still had not contacted Angela.

But dont take my word for it.

See it for yourself:


Insurance adjusters have hundreds of claims. Yours is just one of them.

So she began her search for a Florida slip and fall lawyer. Before hiring me as her injury attorney, she saw that we settled a hotel bathtub slip and fall case for $197,500. And we did so without a lawsuit!

In Angelas case, we claimed that the bathtub surface was unreasonably slippery. Philadelphia Insurance Company insured the hotel.

Their first offer to me was just $12,500!

We continued negotiating.

My paralegal and I spent hours searching the internet for complaints about the slippery nature of this hotels bathtub.

And I struck some gold!

I found some online reviews where people complained about the bathtubs at this hotel. I sent these complaints to the hotels insurance company.

The adjuster made a $205K offer:

sent the insurance company

It gets better:

Can you blame her?

Dont you love the power of telephones and email?

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