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Atlantic City Personal Injury Lawyers

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Certified In Civil Trial Law

Personal Injury Lawyer Atlantic City, NJ – NJ Injury Guys

Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney – In 1980, the Supreme Court of New Jersey established the Board on Attorney Certification. The purpose of the attorney certification program was to help the public make an informed decision when seeking and selecting a lawyer.

To earn the designation as “Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney” the lawyer must be a member in good standing of the New Jersey State Bar for more than five years, comply with continuing legal education requirements, show a sufficient level of knowledge and skill in Civil Trial Law, pass a rigorous examination, and submit to peer review by other attorneys and judges.

Attorneys who earn the designation as certified as a Civil Trial Attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey must also show completion of certain task requirements including the litigation through trial of civil controversies before the Superior Court of New Jersey or in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey. Civil trial law also includes litigation of civil cases before administrative agencies and arbitrators.

About Atlantic City Nj

Atlantic City is a city located in Atlantic County, New Jersey. Atlantic City is famous for its casinos, boardwalks, and beaches. Initially developed as a resort town beginning in the mid 19th century, Atlantic City became nationally famous by the turn of the 20th century, with the citys streets and landmarks inspiring the board game Monopoly. In 1976, New Jersey legalized gambling in Atlantic City, leading to rapid development of the citys gaming industry.

Why Do I Need An Atlantic City Personal Injury Attorney

Some people may feel as though proving fault is not complicated and they do not need to hire legal representation. The reality is that many personal injury cases can be particularly complex, especially if there is more than one party who may be held accountable for the accident. For example, if you were injured in a car accident in the Atlantic City area that was caused by a speeding driver but the drivers brakes failed and he or she was unable to slow down, both the driver and the manufacturer of the defective part may be responsible for providing you with financial compensation for your injuries. For this reason, it is important to consult with an Atlantic City personal injury lawyer to guarantee that you receive the maximum settlement that you may deserve.

Personal Injury Attorneys For Atlantic City Nj

If you or a loved one has been injured or suffered a wrongful death, turn to a team of personal injury lawyers that will put you first. At Cooper Levenson Attorneys at Law, we have been putting our clients first for over 65 years. Contact us today in Atlantic City, NJ, to learn more about how we can help.

How Long Do I Have To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Patrick D

In New Jersey, victims of personal injury generally have two years from the date of their injury to take legal action for damages. However, that is an outside time limit, and it is subject to lots of exceptions that can lengthen or shorten the window of time for filing a lawsuit. Missing the deadline for filing a lawsuit could result in losing valuable legal rights. New Jerseys statute of limitations outlines how long a plaintiff has to take legal action stemming from a personal injury.

To ensure that you take legal action within the time required, always seek the advice of an experienced Atlantic City personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after your injury. Not only will this protect against you losing valuable rights to compensation, it will also give your case the best chance of succeeding by allowing your attorney to gather evidence while it is still fresh, and to plan a legal strategy tailored to your needs.

A few circumstances that may permit a personal injury victim more time to file a personal injury lawsuit, such as:

Speak with an experienced Atlantic City personal injury attorney to determine whether one of these circumstances applies in your case.

How To Recover Compensation From A Personal Injury Accident In Atlantic City

Based on the facts of the case, our goal is to recover the maximum compensation available after an injury in Atlantic City for every client. Your injuries, and your damages are central to this investigation into your accident.

Our personal injury attorneys in Atlantic City, NJ identify all possible losses by collecting bills, receipts, and other documentation of your expenses. It is easy to leave a lot of money on the table by overlooking damages and expenses when you go into negotiations. Our experience with personal injury cases allows us to see the full scope of your injury accident-related losses.


About Joseph A Lombardo

Attorney Joseph A. Lombardo, creator of the Lombardo Law Group, is known for his successful representation provided to clients throughout Atlantic City and Southern New Jersey since 1993.

About Atlantic City Attorney Joseph Lombardo

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Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyers

If yousuffered an injury in a bicycle accident, you know first hand the uphill battleyou may now face. Bicycle injuries are some of the most severe a person maysuffer because the bike itself offers almost no protection.

Depending on the injury involved, our bicycle injurylawyers can help a person claim the maximum compensation possible from aninsurance company or negligent party. Bicycle injury lawyers have extensive experience with cases involving:

  • Head injuries
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Back and neck injury

Every NewJersey injury case is different. It’s important to contact an attorneywho will understand your specific personal injury case and handle it asdelicately as they would their own injury. Schedule a free initial consultationby calling us at 282-3819 today. We’ll go over your accident details and adviseyou on all of your options for moving forward with a new future.

Can Jeff Help Me Determine Who Is Responsible For The Local Personal Injury

Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlantic City, New Jersey

One of the benefits of working with a personal injury lawyer like Jeff Schaffer is that he can provide counsel in areas that may be difficult to understand. For example, an Atlantic City, NJ injury attorney may be able to obtain police reports, speak to physicians or witnesses on behalf of the plaintiff, and arrange for expert testimonies that may not otherwise be able to be secured.

Additionally, the lawyers at Saffren & Weinberg can often help use their expert legal skill to prove negligence or fault in order to solidify the merits of a personal injury case.

Do I Have To Pay Taxes On The Money I Recover For My Personal Injury

According to a publication issued by the Internal Revenue Service, personal injury settlements and jury verdicts are not generally considered income and, therefore, are not taxable. However, some exceptions to this rule exist, so you should always work with an experienced personal injury attorney to understand how personal injury payments may affect your taxes.

Atlantic Citys Top Rated Law Firm For Personal Injury & Workmans Comp

If you are looking for excellent legal representation in Atlantic City, count on the lawyers at HYBERG, WHITE & MANN LAW FIRM. Our professional team of lawyers in Atlantic City specialize in personal injury and workers compensation laws to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. We have the determination to win every case because we understand the life-changing effects an injury can have on your life.

When Do I Have To File The Injury Lawsuit

Its better to file the suit as soon as possible so that you can get the compensation that you deserve. If you leave the case for too long, the statute of limitation will run out and you will not be able to prosecute. If you have an injury that happened less than two years ago and it has debilitating effects on your life, get in touch with an injury lawyer today!

Why Do I Need A Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlantic City, NJ

Each part of the United States is different. And a personal injury lawsuit in Atlantic City, NJ, has different characteristics than a case in Houston, TX, or Los Angeles, CA, would be. Some people may feel as though proving fault is not complicated and they do not need to hire a personal injury attorney. The reality is that many personal injury cases can be complex, especially if there is more than one party who may be held accountable for the accident. For example, if you were injured in a car accident in the Atlantic City area that was caused by a speeding driver but the drivers brakes failed and that driver was unable to slow down, both the driver and the manufacturer of the defective part may be responsible for providing you with financial compensation for your injuries. For this reason, it is important to consult with an Atlantic City personal injury lawyer like Jeff Schaffer. He can identify circumstances like product liability as well as third-party negligence to help guarantee that you receive the maximum settlement that you may deserve.

Get A Free Case Review

Get your free consultation now. Since our New Jersey accident and the injury law firm was founded in 1981, we and have helped thousands of injured people put their lives back together. Contact us now to find out how we can help you.

Our New Jersey accident and injury law firm was founded in 1981. For the past three decades we have delivered results for our clients and helped them move on with their lives in the difficult aftermath of an accident.

Commercial Vehicle & Truck Accidents Attorney

Thereare over eleven million trucks operating every day across the United States,many with overworked drivers carrying hazardous materials. In 2016, there wereover 470,000 large truck and semi accidents with human error accounting for 90%percent of them. Truck accidents can cause injury in many ways. A truck that’scarrying hazardous materials could explode or spill its contents, causinginjury to surrounding drivers and property. Trucks can also jackknife or losecontrol of their steering wheel, causing injury to the driver.

Due tothe sheer size of semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles, injuryaccidents involving them often involve catastrophic injuries. If you’vesuffered an injury due to a negligent trucker driver who was speeding,distracted, impaired, or poorly maintained his equipment, having a truck accident law firm on your side will be critical for protecting your rightsagainst insurers and ensuring you get the compensation you deserve.

Dont Wait To Call Our Atlantic City Nj Personal Injury Lawyers

As soon as you suffer a personal injury in Atlantic City, the clock starts ticking. The sooner you get medical treatment for your injury and start the process of filing a claim, the more likely you are to secure the settlement youre owed. Thats why your first call should be to an experienced Atlantic City personal injury attorney that can help you through each step in the claims process.

A lot of people call Atlantic City home. According to the U.S. Census, nearly 40,000 people lived there in 2012. Nearly 30,000,000 tourists and about 24,000 cars visited the city last year. With that many visitors and residents, there are bound to be instances where people are injured due to someone elses negligence.

Whether its a car accident, a slip-and-fall claim or another kind of personal injury in Atlantic City, the Law Offices of Joe Lombardo have handled similar cases with expertise and a track record of securing maximum settlement amounts.

If I Filed A Lawsuit For Personal Injury Will It Go To Court

Car Accident Lawyer Linwood NJ | The Law Offices of Richard A. Stoloff

Many personal injury cases settle before a lawsuit is ever filed in a courthouse. At NJ Injury Guys, we never expect cases to resolve easily or swiftly so we prepare each case as if it may go to trial. From the time we are retained in a case, we gather beneficial evidence to establish how an injury occurred and how the conduct of various groups may have contributed to the incident. This often implies collecting police accounts, witness statements, photographs of the area and case histories and expenses.

For Fifty Years Our Focus Here At Goldenberg Mackler Sayegh Mintz Pfeffer Bonchi & Gill Has Remained On Our Clients And Their Best Interest

As one of the largest and most established litigation law firms in southern New Jersey, serving Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland & Ocean Counties, our record reflects that we excel at both legal analysis and courtroom practice. We are known and respected in the legal community as aggressive and skilled lawyers who are willing to take cases to trial.

GMS Law is committed to meeting the needs of our clients in the following areas of practice: Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, Matrimonial and Family Law, Commercial Law, Criminal and Municipal Court, Employment Law, Estates, Wills and Trusts as well as Mediation/Arbitration.

How Much Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Cost

It costs nothing to speak with an experienced Atlantic City personal injury lawyer about your case at an initial consultation. In that conversation, you can tell the lawyer about what happened to you, and the lawyer can give you an initial read on whether you have a personal injury case. You and the lawyer can also get a sense of whether you think you could work well together. All of this happens free-of-charge.

If you and the lawyer decide you have a case to pursue, and that the lawyer should represent you, then the lawyer will most likely agree to take your case on a contingent fee basis. This is an arrangement in which you and the lawyer agree that the lawyer will work for you in exchange for getting to keep a percentage of any money the lawyer recovers on your behalf.

You pay the lawyer no money up-front, and you do not pay the lawyer by the hour or by the task. This way, you get top-notch legal representation without having to cough up a dime, and the lawyer has the same goal that you have: to get you the most money possible, as effectively and efficiently as possible.

In other words, never let worries about cost keep you from contacting our experienced Atlantic City personal injury attorneys to discuss your case. The only thing you cannot afford is the risk of losing valuable legal and financial rights by not having a skilled, dedicated attorney by your side during this difficult time.

What Is My Personal Injury Case Worth

Many people get to this question at the first consultation, but it is difficult to assess that right away. In order to determine the full worth of your case, your lawyer needs to go through your records and estimate the accumulated loss of wealth because of the accident. The most common factors that affect the payout of your claim are:

Lost Wages: If your accident made you miss work, you can get compensation for lost wages. However, you cant just make a number out of thin air. You are only liable to get the amount of your wages before the accident. The amount also depends on how much time it took you to return to your work. Even if you return to work and the injuries prevent you from resuming your job role, you can lay claim for lost wages in such a scenario too.

Medical Bills: Now, this is the most important factor in determining the payout of your claim. If you ever get into an accident, remember to save all the receipts, even for a single dollar medicine that you brought to get relief from the pain. Medical bills cover doctor visits, surgeries, medications, hospital stays, rehabilitation and even mental healthcare.

Worth of the Faulty Party: The net worth of the party at fault also helps determine the amount of the payout. For instance, if you slipped and fell at a small store, it will not get you much compensation. However, if you were to get hurt at a famous and known business, then it can substantially increase the value of your claim.

Saffren & Weinberg Is The Top Personal Injury And Accident Law Firm Serving Atlantic City Nj

Personal Injury Lawyers in Atlantic City, NJ

Saffren & Weinberg is a personal injury law firm with a team of experienced personal injury attorneys that have decades of positive results for their clients including monetary compensation and fair settlements. One of the law firms leaders in personal injury, medical malpractice, and defective products cases is Jeffrey Schaffer. He understands how complex and confusing the law can be, particularly to those who have not yet had to take legal action. Jeff builds a strong attorney-client relationship with all potential clients as he seeks the best possible settlement or outcome for every clients case. Jeff Schaffer and the team of trial lawyers at Saffren & Weinberg have handled thousands of personal injury cases throughout the Atlantic City, NJ, area as well as all of southern New Jersey. It Jeffs goal to continue to excel in this dynamic practice area, be it accident cases or medical malpractice claims. Jeff is an experienced lawyer that cares about his clients best interest and he will take the time to listen to each individual case along with all of its details. Jeff knows that no two cases are alike, and he will use his experience, compassion, and knowledge of helpful tips to obtain the best settlement offer or trial result to which his client may be entitled.

Atlantic City Personal Injury Faq

Did you know that accidental injuries are the third-leading cause of death in the United States? Every year, nearly 40 million people seek medical care for unintentional, preventable injuries. Coping with an injury can take a lot out of you, especially when someone elses wrongful actions caused you harm. It is natural to experience a wide range of emotions, and to have questions about your legal rights.

Atlantic Citys world-famous boardwalk, beaches, casinos, and other attractions make it a popular destination for tourists while providing jobs and income for area residents. AC offers something for everyone, whether you come for the weekend to play, stay, shop, and catch a show at the Borgata, or you just have enough time to take your lunch break at the White House Sub Shop.

Of course, that does not mean that every day spent in Atlantic City is a good one. Sometimes, accidents and incidents happen that leave Monopoly City visitors, residents, and workers badlyeven fatallyinjured.

Victims of those accidents and incidents have lots of questions about their legal rights when their injuries result from someone elses recklessness, carelessness, or intentionally-harmful act. Below, we answer some of the most common of those questions. For answers to specific questions about a personal injury you or a loved one suffered in Atlantic City, New Jersey, contact a top-rated personal injury lawyer at the Levin Firm today.

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